The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is promoting National Safety Week May 7-11 to help raise awareness of construction safety for the thousands of workers on Metro transit project sites. The national campaign includes more than 60 construction firms across the U.S. and Canada that have joined forces to offer education about construction safety.

“Our contractors were selected, in part, because of their ability to manage an assertive safety program for their employees as well as their subcontractors,” said Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington. “They have been very successful in keeping industrial injuries well below heavy civil construction averages. National Safety Week gives us a forum for promoting construction safety to all the workers who are helping transform transportation in L.A. County.”

Construction workers are now building the Metro Purple Line Extension, Regional Connector, Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor and the Patsaouras Plaza Busway Station Project, among others. Metro’s contractors have worked nearly 9.78 million hours through January 2018 with an injury rate of 2.0 per 200,000 work hours. That is below the industry average of 2.8 injuries per 200,000 work hours. Metro remains committed to improving those numbers.

The Regional Connector Transit Project, now reaching 50 percent completion, has experienced no days away because of injuries, a testimony to the men and women working on the project and their continued dedication to safety.

This year’s theme for Safety Week is emphasizing the power of safe choices. Every day, we are faced with decisions, from the mundane to the major, that set the stage for safety. While some of those choices may be second nature, like buckling seat belts, double-checking harnesses or wearing the right gloves on the job, others require practice before becoming habit. 

“Making sure the hundreds of men and women building the Crenshaw/LAX Line get home safely every day is priority number one for Walsh Shea Corridor Constructors,” said Matt Walsh, Co-Chairman of The Walsh Group and Co-Chairman of Safety Week 2018. “With Metro as a committed partner, we truly are stronger and safer together.”

“Skanska Traylor Shea JV for the Purple Line Phase 1 and Regional Connector Constructors JV are excited to partner with Metro during Safety Week 2018,” said Mike Aparicio, Executive Vice President of Skanska. “Safety is the most important duty we have — both to protect our teams and the communities we serve.”

Communities surrounding construction sites are also advised to be safe. Specifically, residents and pedestrians should:

–Not trespass into construction areas and stay outside orange cones, construction fences and chain link fences.

–Not walk, run, ride or play in a construction area or around construction equipment, dirt piles and work areas.

–Always walk on the sidewalk or designated walkway — and watch for sidewalk closure signs.

–Remain alert to posted notices and temporary walkways and cross streets only at intersections while making eye contact with drivers and construction vehicles.