One of the co-founders of the Treehouse, Prophet Walker

This October was the launch of a new trend called co-living reaching L.A.; a new take on construction of the L.A. city home and its surroundings embodied by the Treehouse. It’s taken root on Carlton way, Los Angeles. Founders Prophet Walker, Joe Green, and Brent Gaisford set the tone of unity in a house warming for residents and future residents.

Home is your sanctuary, it’s where you retreat to meditate on yesterday’s victory and pray for strength in tomorrow’s unknown battle.

Where we have less control is the external environment and the energy that brings into our habitat (i.e. neighbors). There has been a surge for more positive community interaction; the co-living lifestyle at the Treehouse shares the belief in the power of connection. I experienced a certain level of awareness that pierced through the smog of only thinking about myself. The mindset behind the creation of multi-family housing is to prove that it does take a village. The Tree house establishment created a safe place for seeds of a smaller populace to benefit and grow from each other. I was enchanted by the itinerary they had Saturday; multiple meditation sessions, guest speakers, and many activities showcasing different levels of wholesome living.

The wellness the Treehouse has is truly captivating. Plants and green leaves from the center tree greet you on the first level, raw wood exposure and clear windows guide you through the stairways, the architecture was vastly open for such a compact city home. You feel the exhaled relief when entering the building. The housing feng shui continues with a sense of innovation through six floors of communal accents such as a library, café, art studio, dining hall, music studio, computer bar, and a lounge. With many shared spaces, relationships with those living around you happen organically and support the purpose of co-living. The residents there also look forward to family oriented activities such as Sunday dinners and movie nights.

Let’s talk pricing vs. value; the pricing at the treehouse is no different from any other Los Angeles real estate. what you get in return in value of living here is priceless. Finding shelter is a fundamental need, you can seek shelter all over the city but how many of us found physical social connection readily available at our doorstep? Due to the roots nurtured by the founders of the Treehouse, the energy that surrounds this place is peaceful and tranquil. Those living here and looking to live here are in agreement that establishing key values as a whole is the way to grow as a person.

The Treehouse puts the “unity” in community. The guest speakers were readily available and loved to talk after there focused sessions.

I spoke with one of them in depth; Rabbi Lori Shapiro of Open temple. A kind woman with a sweet and authentic demeanor. I asked her to tell me why she thinks the Treehouse will stand firm and be successful. Rabbi Shapiro believes the culture of millennials will be the key to success. Lori mentioned she studied Millennials and part of this generation’s core value is closing the socially constructed gaps that have been dividing us as a people for so long. One thing we do need is a change, in all aspects of the word, and it may just start in bridging our home to the community around it.