Dr. Judith McAllister and Kirk Franklin (Darin McAllister photo)

Los Angeles Mission’s President Troy Vaughn and the dedicated team of L.A. Mission executives, volunteers, successfully kicked off the Skid Row Revitalization Project.

The effort premiered with a free performance by the Grammy award-winners Kirk Franklin and Maverick City Music in the heart of Skid Row on Monday, July 25. Franklin, the recipient of multiple awards including 16 Grammys, is renowned as a choir director, gospel singer, dancer, and songwriter.

Musiic is an acronym that stands for “Maintaining Universal Strategic Investments In Community.” L.A. Mission will not stop its continuous efforts to transform the community around them.

“The set-up and planning for this event began back in February, stated Darin McAllister, Sr., vice president of Christian Ministries and Community Development for the Los Angeles Mission.

“Behind the scenes, it took a lot of faith to pull an event like this off. There were several permits to obtain, and many challenges, however, things came through right when they needed to. Prayer paved the way, and perseverance pays off,” stated McAllister.

Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin, described by Variety as “the highly energetic and comedic Reigning King of Urban Gospel,” came out in the L.A. sun to give it all that they had, for Monday’s outreach on East 5th Street and Wall Street in the Skid Row area of downtown Los Angeles.

Local artists, praise teams, and national recording artist Judith Christie McAllister were also on site to share their gifts in ministry to all in attendance.

The gated street festival offered prayer, free on-site showers, hygiene kits, giveaways, haircuts, a beauty salon, showers, food vendors, and much more.

Residents of Skid Row are treated to hair cuts, showers, grooming kits and at the outreach event. (Darin McAllister photo)

Over 350 medical screenings were conducted. One 35-year-old man, who had his blood sugar checked, was rushed to the hospital. His blood sugar was at a level that would have surely led to a diabetic coma had he not been checked.

About 15 souls accepted Christ as their Savior and at least 160 people agreed to receive prayer. Crime in the area was down during the concert. Everyone in attendance was tremendously blessed, and God was glorified.

Troy Vaughn and Chandler Moore (Courtesy photo)

L.A. Mission continuously provides food, essential supplies, love, and life-transforming programs to Skid Row residents. Their “mission” is to provide real hope, restore dignity, and transform lives to the point, that those who are helped can reach out and help others

To contribute to the L.A. Mission’s Skid Row Revitalization Project, or any of their other continuous efforts to transform lives, visit losangelesmission.org.


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