Kerman Maddox

Today, March 10, President Joe Biden announced the appointment of Kerman Maddox and others to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations.

The Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations is an advisory committee established to provide overall policy advice to the United States Trade Representative on matters arising in connection with the development, implementation, and administration of the trade policy of the United States including negotiating objectives and bargaining positions before entering into trade agreements, the impact of the implementation of trade agreements, matters concerning the operation of any trade agreement once entered into, and other matters arising in connection with the development, implementation, and administration of the trade policy of the United States.

The Committee includes up to 45 members recommended by the U.S. Trade Representative who are appointed by the President and have expertise in general trade, investment, and development issues, including representatives of non-federal governments, labor, industry, agriculture, small business, service industries, retailers, nongovernmental environmental and conservation organizations, and consumer interests.


Kerman Maddox
Kerman Maddox is the president and majority owner of K&R Hospitality, an ACDBE food and beverage concession business and managing partner of Dakota Communications, a strategic planning and communication consulting firm. As a small business owner, Maddox is keenly aware of the daily challenges small businesses face retaining customers, controlling expenses, managing employees, negotiating contracts, responding to regulatory challenges, and navigating changing political environments.

Maddox is a member of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass’ transition team and serves on the transition team’s Small Business Committee. He develops strategic planning, management, and communications programs for corporations, small businesses, governmental agencies, faith-based institutions, foundations, and academic institutions.

Previously, Maddox was an adjunct professor of Political Science at the University of Southern California and a full time Political Science professor for the Los Angeles Community College District. Also, he was an appointee to the Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee by President Barack Obama.

Maddox is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, USC, and the Coro Foundation’s Leadership Training Institute. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.  In addition, he is an active member at First AME Church Los Angeles, where he received the church’s Outstanding Community Service Award, the NAACP’s Youth Council Mentor Award and the Greater Los Angeles African American Chambers Businessman of the Year award. Maddox has won two Emmy Awards from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and a Golden Mike Award from the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California. Maddox lives in Los Angeles and is married to Attorney Capri Maddox and they have one son.

Other appointees include: Revathi Advaithi, Manish Bapna, Timothy Michael Broas, Thomas M. Conway, Erica R.H. Fuchs, Marlon E. Kimpson, Ryan LeGrand, Sean M. O’Brien, Javier Saade, Shonda Yvette Scott, Elizabeth Shuler, Nina Szlosberg-Landis, Wendell P. Weeks