The latest vaccination clinic hosted by Kedren Health Center served as a unifying event between the Black and Korean communities in Los Angeles.

Dr. Abraham serves food to Kedren healthcare workers at the free clinic on July (Courtesy photo)

Titled as “A Taste of Korea,” the free clinic saluted frontline healthcare workers as well as featured ethnic cuisine and COVID-19 vaccinations. The event was held July 22 on the Kedren campus in South Los Angeles.

The participants included Dr. Jerry P. Abraham, program director for Kedren Vaccines; and representatives of the Korean Consulate General of Los Angeles, the L.A. Korean Cultural Center, the Korean Food Global Association and the City of L.A. Office of Civil and Human Rights.

Another big contributor was Pharmacist Tsega Habte, an Eritrean American dedicated to improving relations between African Americans and other cultural groups, who responded to a request from Janet Burt, a representative of the Korean community, to meet with her, Abraham and Sonny Tran, COO of Kedren Community Health Center.

“Janet told us of her plan to donate food to healthcare workers on the frontline as a way to show respect and gratitude. So, we set up a time and date and the event was put into motion,” Habte said.

“The Korean Community donated food and drinks and utensils were donated by the African Communities Public Health Coalition.”

Scores of people received vaccinations, which perfectly matches Abraham’s desire to inoculate as many people as possible in underserved areas and among minorities.  Earlier this year, he explained to the Sentinel why Kedren is so focused on vaccinations.

Volunteer from the Korean community serve food to one of the people receiving a vaccination. (Courtesy photo)

“It’s because we were dying of COVID, we are getting infected  – our nurses, our patients, our families, our communities.  We didn’t have the luxury of choice,” insisted Abraham. “This is what we had to do to save our people and end this epidemic!  We won’t stop – can’t stop – until we reach herd immunity and this pandemic is over!”

In addition to Abraham, Habte, Burt and Kedren staff, volunteers consisted of Yui Jin Park, director general of the Korean Cultural Center;  Jong Lim, president of the Korean Food Global Association; and Son Sung Soo of the Korean Consulate.

COVID-19 vaccinations are available on a daily basis at Kedren Health Center, 4211 S. Avalon in Los Angeles and Monday through Friday at Kedren Health Watts Center, 710 E. 111th Pl., in Los Angeles. For information, visit