Artist rendering of the new affordable senior Villas Eucalyptus in Inglewood, set to open September 2018 ( Photo Courtesy of

On September 20, members of the People Assisting The Homeless organization’s Ventures arm, broke ground in Inglewood on what will be Villas Eucalyptus, an affordable housing for seniors’ community. The city’s mayor, James Butts, and a group of city officials were on hand to help PATH celebrate the achievement. The completion of the Villas is set for September 2018.

“Seniors are our most vulnerable residents,” Butts told groundbreaking attendees.

“I am proud that the city of Inglewood is doing its part to provide safe and quality housing to those who are often displaced in their later years.”

The Villas will be open to seniors 62 and older. The building will hold 40 one and two bedroom apartments.

“PATH Villas Eucalyptus brings affordable housing to residents across Los Angeles County, creating stable homes for the community’s elderly residents,” said Amy Anderson, Executive Director at PATH Ventures. “The partnership between PATH Ventures and the City of Inglewood is an important step in our effort to bring affordable housing to residents across Los Angeles County.”

According to the Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center, the most recent studies by the County of Los Angeles Community and Senior Services, and the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging, have projected that the number of L.A. County residents over age 60 will double over the next 20 years, going from a current estimate of 1.5 million to almost 3 million.

The Villas Eucalyptus will be open to seniors 62 and older. The building will hold 40 one and two bedroom apartments.

“Many seniors and their families will be making difficult decisions related to housing and health care, and there is a growing demand for affordable senior housing information services,” said LACHRC officials.

“Although there are several important programs that provide low rent or rent assistance, the demand for senior housing is high, and vacant units fill quickly.”

For its part, PATH Ventures continues to develop affordable housing but also make sure that housing has support for vulnerable residents like veterans, transition youth, special needs, seniors, and other populations prone to homelessness.

Meanwhile, the city of Inglewood has been very supportive of its senior population, providing residents with an all inclusive center that allows them access to transportation, hobby development, travel opportunities and more.

The Villas will enhance the much needed resources for seniors that Inglewood aims to provide.  Land for the project was acquired from the California Community Foundation (CCF), and the project will be taken up by KFA Architecture, according to the PATH website. The official address will be 502-508 Eucalyptus Ave. in Inglewood.