From left are Steven N. Larkin, National Advertising Consultant and Corporate Partnerships, NNPA; Brandon Ramirez, Corporate Social Responsibility and External Relations, Hyundai Motor America; Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III, Chairman Rainbow Push Coalition; and John Graves, Chairman, Rainbow Push Automotive Project.    (Bill Sanders photo)

In Detroit in 1998, Rainbow PUSH launched its Automotive Project. The purpose today remains the same as over two decades ago: to work with automotive manufacturing companies to ensure African Americans and other people of color have access to opportunities at every level of the industry.

Although the founder of the summit, freedom fighter, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., was in the hospital in Chicago, the global automotive industry still showed up in full force. The automotive sector recently returned to Detroit Nov. 14-15 for the Rainbow PUSH 24th Annual Summit.

This year’s theme, “Affirming Diversity in the EV Sector,” focused on the inclusive landscape of African American and minority involvement in the EV sector. The concept is critical to the future sustainability of the industry. Over 300 auto executives, entrepreneurs, suppliers, dealers, manufacturers, consumers, and government officials attended.

The bottom-line of the summit, according to Rev. Jackson, is to level the playing field for Black people working with and in the automotive industry. One of the most significant highlights of the summit was the release of the Rainbow PUSH Diversity Scorecard, which sums up scores for employment, advertising, marketing, procurement, philanthropy, and African American dealership ownership.

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The Scorecard also gives Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) an opportunity to self-evaluate relative to diversity.  The impact of the Scorecard raises the bar for the industry.

Drastic improvements have been made since the rating began in 2012. Toyota, Stellantis, GM and Nissan scored green in almost every category this year. Further, not a single company has scored red for the past two years.

(Courtesy photo)
(Courtesy photo)

The industry has taken notice and has become vested in the Diversity Scorecard project. Companies have bought into the aspect of accountability, which helps them see how they are doing and find holes in their efforts. The scorecard tells this story, and it is working to strengthen equity across the board.

The Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III, chairman of the Rainbow Push Coalition, and Chairman John Graves, have not only continued Rev. Jackson’s vision of leveling the playing field in the industry, but are successfully engaging corporate executives to work even more with Black America.

During the press conference to release the results of the Diversity Scorecard, Haynes quoted Dr. Martin Luther King. To paraphrase, “We must be headlights, not taillights in the automotive industry. Each auto company must serve as headlights, leading the industry from the front, in doing so, they will become the guiding light for economic parity.”

Graves went on to share, “Rainbow PUSH and the automotive industry have worked collectively to achieve advances in diversity, equity and inclusion. The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Office was non-existent when we began our journey, but currently all auto companies have heads of diversity, equity and inclusion. Rev. Jesse Jackson challenged the auto industry to submit confidential surveys that were utilized to create a Diversity Scorecard, as a result, companies have implemented intentional programs.”

From left are Chairman John Graves, Rainbow Push Automotive Project; Kim Adams House, Head of Multicultural and Marketing, Stallantis NA; Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III, Chairman Rainbow Push Automotive Project; Meliza Humphrey, Senior Manager, Accura Marketing; and Tershena Armstrong, Director of Diversity Marketing and Development, General Motors.(Bill Sanders photo)

CEOs from Ford, Jim Farley, General Motors, Mary Barra, and Toyota, Ted Ogawa, were at the forefront of leading automakers to improve their relationship with the Global Automotive Summit.

The two-day conference was a very busy nonstop event, which included many panel discussions. Chief Diversity Officers Erica Bolden, Mercedes Benz USA; Kelechi Ikemefuna, Volkswagen of America; and Chandra Vasser, Nissan Americas; led a lively discussion regarding ways that their companies are listening and working to improve employment for minorities.

Chief Diversity Officers continued a healthy discussion the following day with Ernest Adams, Ford; Lottie Holland, Stallantis; and Yvette Hunsicker of Honda. They continued to engage with the audiences who anxiously awaited to learn new ways that African American Suppliers can be a part of the workforce.

The marketing and advertising panel consisted of Kim Adams House, head of Multicultural Marketing and Advertising for Stallantis; Meliza Humphrey, senior marketing manager, Acura; and Tarshena Armstrong, director of Diversity Marketing and Development for GM. They discussed the importance and impact of the electric vehicle (EV) with the opportunities it will have on Black Suppliers. They went on to detail the various ways that Black entrepreneurs need to connect with their respective companies and the requirements needed to do business.

Each year, the Rainbow Push Global Automotive Summit honors African Americans who have done outstanding work in the auto industry. Emerging Leaders recipients was Yvette Hunsicker, vice president, Corporate Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Diversity, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Living Legend recipients were Jimmie Comer, founder, Comer Holdings LLS; and Andra Rush, The Rush Group. Automotive Pioneers were Dave Bing, founder of the Bing Group automotive supply corporation, and Atty. Elliot Hall, retired vice president of Dealer Development, Ford Motor Corporation.

From left are John Graves, John A. Graves, Chairman; Mike Lapham, Vice President, Procurement – Honda Development & Manufacturing of America, LLC; Jeffrey Morrison, Vice President, Global Purchasing & Supply Chain – General Motors; Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, President and CEO; Robert Young, Group Vice President, Purchasing Supplier Development – Toyota Motor North America, Inc.; Dr. Curtis L Ivery, Chancellor, Wayne County Community College District; and Ralph G. Moore, President – Ralph G. Moore & Associates and moderator.            (Bill Sanders photo)

“Honda’s relationship with RPC began in 1996, when Rev. Jesse Jackson called for a boycott of Japanese automakers to promote diversity in employment and dealerships,” said Yvette Hunsicker, Honda’s vice president and division lead of Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusion & Diversity in America and winner of the RPC’s Emerging Leader Award.  “That was a call to action for us, and we agreed to take concrete steps toward advancing our commitment to diversity.”

Honda has continued to uphold that agreement for the past 25 years, she said, and the company’s commitment has only strengthened.

“For me, being honored as an Emerging Leader was a great acknowledgement of the growth that we’ve seen since then, and it speaks to the future we will have when we continue to raise diverse experiences in the automotive industry,” she said.

From left are Chairman John Graves, Yvette Hunsicker, and former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (Bill Sanders photo)

The final day summit culminated with the Business and Education Luncheon. Senior Vice-Presidents Bob Young of Toyota Motor North America, Mike Lapham of Honda, and Jeffrey Morrison of GM had a candid discussion about the improvements their companies have made and are implementing in the field of supplier diversity and inclusion. The panel was moderated by Ralph G. Moore.

Afterwards, President Haynes announced a total of $500,000 in scholarships dedicated by the automotive industry. The funds will ease the increasing costs of achieving an education and a better life. Companies contributing to the scholarship fund are CVS, Toyota, General Motors, Nissan, Stallantis, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor North America American Honda, Volkswagen, Hyundai Motor America, Kia America and Subaru.

At the conclusion of the summit, one attendee remarked, “Chairman John Graves, along with his exceptional team led by Alfeda Weathers, did a phenomenal job putting on the conference!”  Commending Weathers’ contributions, Graves said, “Her expertise is unparalleled and a godsend!”

More information about the Rainbow PUSH Automotive Project and the Diversity Scorecard can be found at Automotive