Tony Wafford (File photo)

In the words of the late Khalid Abdul Muhammad, “Buckle up, this is going to be a ruff ride buddy.”

2024 is going to be a major election year, and White people who love being White and celebrate their whiteness at every turn are going to do all they can to convince Black people that it’s more important to be American than Black and that we should not allow our melanin to influence any of our decisions in the 2024 election.

While at the same time, these same White people and a couple of Negroes hoping to get just some of the crumbs that will fall from the master’s table (can you say Omarosa) are going to pull out all the stops to convince Black people who and what is best for us.

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Now before I get too deep into this conversation and you stop reading because I’m using the word “White” people, allow me to make this disclaimer; I’m not talking about all White people.  We know all White people aren’t bad people, just like we know all Black people aren’t good (can you say Wardell Anthony Connerly).

So, before you get into your feelings, I’m not talking about your White girlfriend, wife, husband, momma, daddy, or even your White best friend.  You know just who and what I’m talking about, so let’s just talk to one another as adults and not as politically correct children.

2024 is going to be too important of an election year for us (the Black community) to say things like “them” and “they” when we all know just who and what we are talking about.  I’m talking about crazy, racist White people (January 6, 2021), self-hating Negroes (Clarence Thomas), and those non-Whites from other cultures that need affirmation and acceptance from the dominant society (Rafael “Ted” Cruz, Elaine Chao McConnell and others, too many to mention).  So, in 2024, let’s not play games and try and wordsmith everything that comes out of our mouths!

I know that most of us must play the word game at work, but you ain’t on your job all day every day; during some part of your day, please try and be Black.  When I say be Black, I’m not just talking about your color because we got some darkskin white people.  When I say Black, I’m talking about your consciousness and your commitment to your people and our community.

Is it crazy that an 81-year-old man is running for a second term as President of the United States — you damn right it’s crazy!  But what’s even more crazy is the alternative.  I’m not talking about Donald Trump as a politician because he has no politics.  This guy could care less about  politics.

This clown is only running for at least four reasons that I can think of.  (1) to try and stay out of jail, (2) so he can rape, rob, pillage, plunder, and pollute this nation and the world, and (3) so he can hear people call him Sir and I truly believe he gets off on knowing that when he walks into a room, its tradition that everyone stands up — because he knows that under normal circumstances, those same people would only be standing to exit that room.

And finally, he knows that even with all of his money, the one thing that means the most; yes, even more than the money, the one thing he can’t buy and that he will never get is social acceptance.  Acceptance in the places he needs it most, among the billionaire elites.  He knows they will never welcome him into the fold.

We all know that his male nymphomania kicks in when that basket of deplorables (Hillary, history has vindicated you) screams his name when he takes the stage.  We also know, those of us with and IQ over 12, that his soul is crying out to Warren Buffett.

I said let’s be honest in this conversation didn’t I—so let’s talk.  Trump would not be caught dead in a social circle with any of those red neck, red cap wearing clowns and that one negro mascot he trots out at all his rallies, standing almost directly behind him holding that sign, Blacks for Trump you’ve seen him; haven’t you?

This election, we’ve got to dig deep into our culture, our history and draw on lessons learned from our past.  And to all you so-called Americans, Black and white that would try and convince us that the past isn’t relevant and important for our future; I say, OK, and if that’s so, let’s start by updating that old ass document white people love so much.  You know which one I’m talking about, the US Constitution.  And let’s rework that other antiquated document, the Declaration of Independence.

Maybe somebody should also do a rewrite of that 3,000 plus year-old book called the Bible.  We need to work on adding an addendum to that “thou shall not kill” thing and maybe we can tweak it to say something like, “only when necessary and if the person you’re thinking of killing lacks melanin,” in keeping with your ban on books.

The strength in my melanin allows me to remember the great words of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey when he said, “as humans have done, humans can do.”  My melanin reminds me of all those great Black people that came before me, that made a way out of what seemed to be no way.  My melanin reminds me that we serve a God of the holy impossible.

We all know that there are those that never want to see parity and equity in this country for Black people, and they’re always gonna do all that they can to oppress and suppress us as a people. They can take our books out of the libraries, but not out of our homes.

They can remove Black achievement from their calendars — day of recognition and celebration, but they can’t stop me from celebrating myself!  You do know that we didn’t ask for permission to celebrate Kwanzaa, and the next thing we knew, Macy’s was on board!

They can even work to attack all forms of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their institutions, but if we’re honest, we were never welcome in those institutions in the first place so that’ll only make us stronger and continue to build our own institutions of melanin in America.