From left are HUD Regional Administrator Jason Pu, Compton Councilwoman Lillie Darden and NHS President/CEO Lori Gay. (Courtesy photo)


The U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department recently sponsored a house party with the Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of Los Angeles County.  The event, held on September 2 at the NHS Center for Sustainable Communities, coincided with the monthly Compton Farmer’s Market.

The house party’s purpose was to share federal and local information on available homeownership resources, encourage utilization of housing counseling, and dispel common myths around the home-buying process.  HUD’s Regional Administrator Jason Pu and NHS’ President/CEO Lori Gay co-hosted the event. Compton Mayor Emma Sharif also participated.

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As his team provided information on homeownership, housing counseling, fair housing, and FHA loans, Pu noted, “HUD helps people make the dream of homeownership a reality. We know that homeownership is more in reach than most people think and that if you get started now, you’ll be ready when the time is right.”

HUD’s Management Analyst Brandy Wilkerson, left, shares homeownership information with an attendee. (Courtesy photo)

HUD Senior Advisor Cindy Nava said the Compton event was endearing “because I came from an immigrant family and being in a community that walks the talk and serves the needs of the people who need the support matters.”

FPM National Director Christopher Taylor congratulated attendees for their presence and homeownership pursuits “because it takes a lot of work and courage to be here but, it’s going to be worth it in the end.”

The event included an NHSLA financial literacy workshop. NHSLA also provides youth and family interventions, and anti-human trafficking responses. Now a source of local Compton pride, NHSLA’s Center for Sustainable Communities is a gleaming, multi-level glass and steel complex that exemplifies its community development mission having transformed the location from a blighted former grocery store that had been abandoned for 39 years.

“We’re excited to support and partner with the HUD’s local team,” said Gay. “We’ve been friends for a long time and the house party gives us an opportunity to celebrate the importance of homeownership, building generational wealth and legacy.”

A fitness and wellness vendor speaks with an attendee. (Courtesy photo)
Face painting was one of the family activities offered for young people during the event. (Courtesy photo)
From left are National Director Christopher Taylor, HUD’s Housing Program Officer Esther Yamashiro, NHSLA Sr. VP Constance Anderson, HUD Program Analyst Diana Kim, Compton Mayor Emma Sharif, NHSLA Pres. & CEO Lori Gay, Region IX Administrator Jason Pu, HUD Program Analyst Carol Harper-Berry, HUD Senior Advisor Cindy Nava-Ontiveros, HUD Senior Program Analyst Angela Hui, and NHSLA VP Rhonda McMillan. (Courtesy photo)