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I left off last week talking about Ike Turner, former husband of famous singer, Tina Turner. He kept coming to my mind even until now, a gifted artist. I wonder about people in general and sometimes specific persons; that is, what are they running after; what are they searching for; what are they seeking; what are they pursuing? Some are pursuing fame, wanting to attain awards in their field. Of course, not everyone has that state of mind. Some artists just have in their heart to be the best they can be and if awards are received, its because it comes to them and not they are pursuing. Some people want to be looked at, adored, acknowledged. Then, I have been thinking on those who search only to find that their search is null and void—all they end up doing is accomplishing-achieving self-destruction running after material rewards, unless they accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior for refuge. Nobody gets away with anything. Everything has residuals, consequences. What you sow is what you reap. Someone asked, “What about grace?” About accepting Jesus Christ, He works through the Holy Spirit. And He works persistently by increments and then you wake up so to speak and find you have been freed from some of your problematic habits. That’s how He works; quietly sometimes and loudly other times.

He’s always working, molding and forming to His likeness. Ephesians 4:7 says believers have a measure of grace. Even God, who is gracious and kind gives grace to those who are not in Christ. By that I mean, it is God’s great desire that everyone is saved. Everyone is given opportunity to change and receive eternal salvation. That’s God’s generous free gift. You cannot buy it, nor can you earn it. The free gift cannot be purchased. You can work incessantly, but your bottom line will add up to “zero.” Because it is not a wage paid gift.

It’s about “faith.” He pours his blessings on the unsaved too. He rains on the just and the unjust. Everyone gets a chance. The question is: How long is your measure of grace? I would like to think everyone wants Our Lord’s free gift; His “charis,” undeserved favour. Why do we say, “His undeserved favour?” Because there is only one who is “good.” We may think we are the greatest,” but no one can even come close to His grandeur, His magnificence, His glory, His sovereignty—He who performs at the pleasure of His own will. Some people think they are prosperous and famous because of their own selves. The truth of the matter is “nothing happens without Almighty God allowing it to happen. So, one asks, “How is it that so great pain is in the world?” The original sin of Adam and Eve set us behind, thwarted what God had intentionally planned for us and man’s own wayward behavior has prevented. But it’s not permanent. You know the adversary has only a short time and he will be cut off. Meanwhile, hold fast until He returns and finds us faithfully watching and waiting as He also blesses us, His children.

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