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It is no secret that we are living in hostile times.  All we have to do is look at what is happening all over the world. There is an increasing number of wars, sit-ins on college campuses, continued political unrest, and justice for all is still something we are trying to achieve.   

 Although the outlook can appear to be challenging, there is still hope and much we can do to help turn this upside-down world back on its correct axis, but it will take a conscious effort and commitment to the wellbeing of all human beings. What is happening in the world today is not a new phenomenon.   

Each generation has had their own set of catastrophes they had to deal with.  Let us not drop the ball on our watch.  Let us commit to doing what we can in our own communities to make it a kinder, nicer, and safer place.  

To understand how we can overcome hostility in society, we need clarity as to what it means to be hostile and where does it originate.  It refers to showing or expressing unfriendliness, antagonism, or opposition toward someone or something. Being hostile usually develops from emotions of anger and oftentimes feeling out of control of a situation. When there is a hostile situation, it can manifest in a variety of ways such as how people communicate, physical aggression, or even non-verbal actions.  

How we achieve victory requires understanding how to overcome obstacles that are bigger than us.  It also means you must have a positive attitude and look to something or someone bigger than you. Someone needs to be the calm during the storm to settle hostile situations.  We must not let our emotions overtake us to the point where things continue to spiral in a downward motion.   

In hostile situations, how do we navigate hostile waters to become victorious and live with the hope that we can be victorious and happy? It starts with our mindset.  Do you believe you can make a difference?  Do you believe good can overcome bad in the world? Have you built a firm foundation regarding your core values and what really matters in life?  

Having faith can be a stablilizing force in any situation. It is also important to believe in the higher good. When we have strong beliefs, they provide us with the integrity to do difficult things during hard times.  Sometimes standing up for what is right and good can be difficult.  Sometimes we must go against the grain. We also must develop resilience to withstand adversity and know that we can get through anything together.  

I believe there are more kind people than negative people in the world.  We must educate ourselves about what is going on and what is causing the hostility. If we can get to the root of a situation, it opens the opportunity to have the right conversations for potential healing and diffusing the situation.  

In the world, there will always be people who will do whatever they feel is necessary to gain power and control, which can cause a hostile situation. But at the end of the day, we must be the light when the world goes dark. Remember the more you know about a situation the better chance you have at helping to squelch it and bring peace.   

Seek like-minded people who can join you in making a difference. We are always stronger together than alone. When emotional intelligence, empathy, love, and kindness come into play, we can be a bridge builder and have a positive impact on society. This sort of outcome has the potential to make all of us victorious.Top of Form 

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Healing Without Hate: It’s a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Pass it on. 


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