Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director, Public Health (Screen Shot)

Monday, July 6, L.A. Public officials provided an update on current levels of escalation in the COVID-19 outbreak. The city has experienced a “hard pause” over the holiday weekend. The county shut down beaches, piers, bike trails, and outdoor dining. Although there is an effort in addressing various inequities, recent numbers confirmed the increased rate of community transmission of the virus, especially between the ages of 18-41. Los Angeles Director of public health Dr. Barbara Ferrer shared the latest data, showcasing an unwanted turn in events that is causing Los Angeles to have deeper concerns in efforts of flattening the curve.

The poverty line was a place of fragility for those dangling below. In one fell swoop, multiple people who were barely surviving, reached a place of true devastation amid a global pandemic. There was an announcement earlier this week, 2,000 L.A. families received at-home access to tablets for educational activities. This was made possible by donations from Amazon; Fire-7 tablets are readily available this summer for students that will continue their development remotely.

Los Angeles Director of Public Health Dr. Ferrer shared a report on the city’s spread of coronavirus. Statistics show an increase in infection, hospitalization, and the overall community death rate is still in the double digits.

latest numbers surrounding coronavirus shared on July 6, reflected 48 additional deaths, 33 of these individuals were between the ages of 65 and over, 28 of them with underlining health conditions. 13 people who died were between the ages of 41-65, 12 victims had preexisting health concerns. one individual was below the age of 40, with underlining medical conditions, this brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in the L.A. County to 3,534.

The relationship between COVID-19 infection and ethnicity were provided. The racial background collected from 3,283 fatal cases shown 11% were African American, 16% were Asian, 1% were Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 44% were LatinX, 27% were white, and 1% identified as a different race or ethnicity. 14% of all positive cases were hospitalized at some point. 93% of those who died due to COVID-19 had preexisting health concerns.

Ferrer disclosed on Monday, there were 1,584 new COVID-19 reports. In summary, there is a total amount of 116,570 coronavirus cases in the Los Angeles region. 4,379 incidents were reported in the city of Long Beach and 1,401 cases in the city of Pasadena. Amid the unsheltered, there were 732 positive cases, 267 victims were temporarily housed in a shelter and have been properly isolated. There have been two additional deaths among people who are experiencing homelessness due to COVID-19.

In order to maintain control over the spread of COVID-19, Los Angeles leaders took a “hard pause” and closed down beaches, piers, bike trails, and outdoor dining in order to limit access to large gatherings this past holiday weekend. The necessities for flattening the curve was emphasized, there has been a temporarily closure of indoor operations at restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms, card rooms, zoos, aquariums and museums.  L.A. County officials continue to stress wearing face coverings, hand washing, and social distancing. The numbers reflect hospitalization is on the rise, the pressure to prevent increased measurements of COVID-19 continues to grow.