Councilwoman Heather Hutt joined with city staff and community volunteers to clean up the district. (Courtesy photo)

Councilwoman Heather Hutt (CD 10), in partnership with the South Robertson Neighborhood Council (SORO), hosted a community clean up to celebrate and honor Earth Day. The event was held on Saturday, April 22.

The Community Clean Up, which was located in Beverlywood between Corning Avenue and Garth Avenue, gave residents an opportunity to come together in a joint effort to protect and upkeep their neighborhood.

The area where the cleanup occurred happened in a space that was overtaken by litter and homelessness. Prior to the event, CD 10 staff used the city’s resources to ensure that those living in the area were moved to safe and comfortable housing.

CD 10 residents volunteered to clean and repaint the area. (Courtesy photo)

During the cleanup, members of the community united to clean and repaint the area. All volunteers were provided with gloves, trashbags and other necessary supplies to safely dispose of litter in the area.

“Earth Day is a day to remind ourselves that we must protect our planet. This Community Clean Up serves as a way for us to come together to take care of our home–our planet–in unity and respect,” said Hutt.

“I want to thank our local community organizations, the South Robertson Neighborhood Council, Koreatown Youth+ Community Center, and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps for joining us in today’s celebration of celebrating and caring for our Earth,” she added.

Volunteers remove accumulated piles of litter and trash. (Courtesy photo)

“It means so much to me to see our community engaging in mutual love and respect for each other and for our District. Let us remind ourselves to take actions, daily, to protect our Earth and those in it.”

Hutt poses with the people and staff who participated in the cleanup. (Courtesy photo)

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