Pastor Deitrick Haddon sings his 1998 hit song ,“Sinner’s Prayer,” at Fixins. (Malik Morris/L.A. Sentinel)


The gospel music industry came alive this past weekend as renowned singer-songwriter Deitrick Haddon hosted his highly anticipated 2024 Grammy Gospel Brunch at Fixins at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles.

The event, which attracted crowds of devoted fans and music enthusiasts alike, served as a platform to celebrate the best of gospel music while bringing people together through an uplifting experience.

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Kevin Johnson, Deitrick Haddon and Jonathan Slocumb (Malik Morris/L.A. Sentinel)

Fixin’s, a popular restaurant franchise founded by former NBA player  and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, is known for its delicious Southern cuisine and warm ambiance. The location provided the perfect backdrop for Haddon’s gathering. As guests entered the venue, they were greeted with soulful melodies echoing throughout the space, setting the tone for what would be an unforgettable musical journey.

With both established and emerging talent taking center stage, attendees were treated to awe-inspiring performances that showcased the depth and diversity of gospel music. Also, the comedic humor of Jonathan Slocumb kept the room in jovial spirits.

Haddon captivated the audience with his powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence. Known for pushing boundaries within the genre, he effortlessly blended traditional gospel sounds with contemporary elements, creating a unique and modern sound that resonated deeply with listeners.

Vashawn Mitchell sings “Nobody Greater.” (Malik Morris/L.A. Sentinel)

Alongside him were other acclaimed artists such as Vashawn Mitchell, Zacardi Cortez, Melvin Crispell, III, and Deante Duckett who delivered heart-stirring performances that left everyone craving more.

“It is always a joy for me to come sing in secular settings because it is God’s word, sometimes we have to go outside of the walls of the church,” said Mitchell.

The Grammy Gospel Brunch not only showcased exceptional talent, but also served as a reminder of the unifying power of gospel music. As guests indulged in mouthwatering dishes prepared by Fixin’s culinary team, they forged connections with fellow attendees who shared their passion for gospel music. In this joyous atmosphere, barriers seemed to fade away as people from diverse backgrounds came together to celebrate faith, family, love, and resilience.

Local singers perform at the Grammy Gospel Brunch.(Malik Morris/L.A. Sentinel)

Deitrick Haddon once again proved his prowess as a musical visionary, while Fixin’s provided the perfect venue to nurture this celebration of gospel music.  The success of this event has caused both Haddon and Johnson to consider forging a continual partnership as he endeavors to expand the franchise into Inglewood, Detroit, and Atlanta.

With its uplifting messages and soul-stirring performances, the event reminded everyone of the timeless power of gospel music to heal, inspire, and unite.