Tina Campbell
Tina Campbell

You know her as a recording artist, reality television star, wife, mother, and now it is Tina Campbell’s hope that you will know her as an overcomer.

In her one-woman stage presentation, “An Evening with Tina Campbell,” she gets personal about her struggles with pride, rage, anger, and unforgiveness in the midst of dealing with her husband’s admitted sexual affairs.

“2013 was a year that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I pride myself on being open and honest and telling my truth. I didn’t want to be a hostage to my secrets…to be ashamed…so I’m talking about it all.

“I was cheated on, hurt by the man I love but God healed my marriage and made us whole again. We (my husband and I) have the victory through Christ Jesus.”

In 2013, on the WE TV reality show, “Mary Mary,” Campbell and her husband, renowned drummer Teddy Campbell, revealed that their marriage had been rocked by his repeated infidelities.

“I was torn up…this was my man, the father of my children and my life as I knew it was shattered. I didn’t think or want to live through it.” In season 3, Campbell revealed her anguish in finding out “in front of the whole goddang world that all of my life was a lie.”

Campbell readily admitted that it was “hard to accept” that this was her truth. “I remembered beautiful moments in my marriage and realized they were not real. I thought about the times when I was pregnant, had given birth and realized that my husband was with other women during what I thought were special moments. I was angry and full of toxicity until I begin to read the Bible.”

It is the scriptures that Campbell credits with saving her from destruction. “I had never kissed another man or cheated. I thought I was so wise and had all this discernment and then I realized I needed God to help me. My situation was bad so I ran to God. I read the Word everyday.”

And one day, she said, “I could finally “see light at the end of the tunnel. God was changing my feelings of hopelessness and despair and I began to believe that not only could we survive this but could come out on the other side – better than before.

“It was God “who showed me, not just Teddy, but myself…all of it…my ugly ways and how I was letting the devil use my strongholds against us so I prayed and Teddy prayed.”

Campbell begin to journal those prayers, the scriptures that she knew “could change how I saw my situation.”

“Once I decided not to act as if it didn’t happen, I could begin to move through it. We would make progress, get knocked down, but we would get up again. It absolutely was not easy, but my husband and I loved one another and decided that our marriage was worth fighting for. I was becoming alive again because of the Word. God literally gave me a new mind.”

It is those prayers that would become her new book, “I Need A Day To Pray.”

“I had no idea that those prayers would become my first book. But that’s God. He turned the worse thing that happened to me into a blessing.”

Campbell not only released a new book but in her words, “God gave me new music.” “It’s Personal” is Campbell’s first solo project.

“Here I am writing songs with the person who broke my heart.” The 12 tracks features songs that a music critic calls, “stellar gospel songs where Jesus is the main star.”

What does Campbell say? “God gave me music that I didn’t know was coming, He gave me a book that I didn’t think I would ever write. What I know for sure is that the Word works, it has miracle-working power and can change your whole life. I would encourage every man and woman that I speak to…to go hard for God. He turned my despair into joy and He’ll do the same for you.”

For information, visit IamTinaCampbell.com