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Ever imagined what it would be like to explore the city of Los Angeles with events catered specifically to you. Or maybe you already live in L.A. and you want to find new friends to hang out with and share fun experiences throughout the City of Angels. A top-rated social app that is designed specifically to your wants and needs is the solution you have been long awaiting. 

 As the pandemic begins to slowly change how we interact with each other on a day-to-day basis, plenty of opportunities to connect with friends and be social begins to rise. In the L.A.-area, there are plenty of fun, high quality events and social activities to attend. The only problem is, many people do not know where to access or find these events and activities to participate and meet new people. But don’t worry, Go Disco is here for you! 

Go Disco allows you to filter your likes and preferences to help compile a list of social activities that you might be interested in. These events help people connect more with the outside world and to have fun! This post-modern tech company, Go Disco, was established to help benefit the community by providing events and social gatherings to help focus on the mental health of the users.  

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When asked about the main focus of the company, CEO and founder Sean Conrad said, “The company wants to inspire people to get off-line and connect with friends, family, and other people in the community who might share similar interests.”  

This Los Angeles-based company focuses on different initiatives that are tailored toward everyone, with a large majority being fit for African Americans, specifically women of color. A large portion of the events that are covered within the company are women-owned businesses.  According to Conrad, the brand is set on making sure that everyone feels included, no matter your race or gender. 

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“We have this hunger to make sure that we are diverse and inclusive for women and their impactful experiences and stories. Our user base is 70% women, so we use that to make our experiences high quality, enjoyable, and unique,” said Conrad.  

Some of the events and social activities Go Disco has promoted on their platform include: 

  • Chill Out at LA’s 1st Black Women Owned Dispensary (Gorilla RX Wellness) 
  • Get Inked at an All-Female Tattoo Shop (The Painted Lady LA) 
  • Have a Shopping Spree at a Female and Black Owned Boutique (The Doll House Los Angeles) 
  • Visit the Biddy Mason Memorial Park  
  • Make your home as unique as yours at this black-owned home décor store (Tansy) 
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As for the future of Go Disco, Conrad stated that the company is growing day by day, as well as improving the niche for the people that use the app.  

You can now find Go Disco in the App Store today. Although the app is only available on Apple products, Go Disco will be coming to Android soon!