(L-R) Erick Montenegro, Eric Washington, Ryan Shepard, Adria Stoliar, Saundra Bryant, and Erick Moreno. (Courtesy photo)

CARE, All Peoples, and DoorDash celebrated 35,000 deliveries of an estimated 1.2 million meals powered by DoorDash’s Project DASH to South Los Angeles residents at an event at the All Peoples Community Center on May 6. At the event, a representative for Assemblymember Gipson spoke about the work being done at the state and local level to combat food insecurity and took part in the commemorative 35,000th delivery.  

Since last year, All Peoples and CARE have partnered with Project DASH to deliver meal bags to seniors who are South Los Angeles residents who may not have access to reliable transportation or staying home due to health and safety concerns.  

Project DASH uses innovative solutions to power the delivery of food and essential items to broaden food access in local communities. Since 2018, the program has provided local delivery for government and nonprofit partners, helping hundreds of food banks and food pantries serve their participants. It has powered more than 1.8 million deliveries of more than 33 million estimated meals across the U.S. and Canada.  


Eric Washington shares a bag filled with healthy foods. (Courtesy photo)

“It is beyond unacceptable that over two million residents of Los Angeles County face food insecurity every single day,” said Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson).  

“We have work to do and I am proud to stand with CARE, All Peoples and DoorDash to provide nourishing meals to residents across South Los Angeles. Dr. King reminds us that it is the silence of our friends that is the greatest betrayal. I am overjoyed to work with friends who care, including these organizations, elected and appointed officials, communities, and families throughout Los Angeles County, to help end food insecurity.” 

“Hunger and malnutrition are the leading threat to public health across the globe,” said Ryan Shepard, associate vice president of U.S. Programs, CARE.  

“This issue is not limited to a single continent or country, it’s in our own backyards. Our partnerships with community-based organizations like All Peoples with the support of DoorDash helps ensure we are nourishing our communities where we live and work. Delivery of meals is such a vital asset to ensure we provide equitable access to meals in all corners of the community.”  

Initially founded in 1942 as a church, All Peoples has long served as a safe haven for South L.A. families in need. Currently, All Peoples provides a myriad of social and educational services to more than 6,600 residents per year. One of these vital services is the center’s senior food delivery service, which is designed to supplement families’ food supply, promote healthy eating habits, and connect people with essential services and information.  

“When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, health and safety concerns left many of our senior clients homebound and without access to food. Many of our senior community members were unable to depend upon friends or family to pick up food from our Supplemental Food Program, so we knew we had to act fast”, said All Peoples Community Center Executive Director Saundra Bryant.  

“Thanks to the support of CARE and DoorDash, we scaled up our Senior Food Delivery Service and ensured safe meals were delivered to those who needed shelter in place during the pandemic. As we continue down the path to recovery, this valuable partnership will make sure we continue to meet our community’s needs.” 

“DoorDash is honored to have celebrated the ceremonial 35,000th delivery of our partnership with CARE and All Peoples alongside Assemblymember Gipson,” said Adria Stoliar, senior manager, Public Engagement, DoorDash.  

“Local delivery has helped community partners, food banks and food pantries provide food and other essentials to their participants in a way that emphasizes convenience and dignity. We are committed to growing this work sustainably for community partners across the country to continue to meet the ongoing need.”