FA Mulan Cast (Courtesy Photo)

On Saturday and Sunday, December 18th and 19th, over 40 students from ages 4-17, from the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center (FPCAC) took center stage in the People’s Square in Leimert Park.  The young but polished artists performed Fa Mulan the Musical with Broadway quality performances to the public for free.  

The play, under the direction and musical director, Pooh Mayo, is based on Chinese folklore which tells the story of a young girl, Mulan, played adeptly by Mayeeda Wang, who joins the army in place of her father by impersonating a man, an act whose penalty is death if discovered.  Instead, she saves China with the help of a dishonored dragon, Mushu, played by the electrifying 4th grader, Kennedy Staunton.  

The performances were more than well received as evidenced by the roaring standing ovation for the performances. The executive director of the FPCAC, Fernando Pullum spoke about the program that bears his name saying, “Our program is not about creating the next Hollywood superstar– that’s nice if that happens– but it’s about building self-esteem, and spreading positivity throughout our community.”  

Mrs. Dorene Nelson, one of the choreographers and a parent had this to say, “My three girls have been a part of the center since it first opened and, now they are being booked to do professional work. They’ve sang with John Legend and been on TV. I love the program!” 

The FPCAC is located at 3351 W. 43rd St. It offers free performing arts classes to students ages 5-20.  To learn of upcoming performances and general info, visit www.pullumcenter.org