FAME Pastor J. Edgar Boyd, left, address gatherers at the #VoteFest rally and resource fair held Sept. 30 at First AME Church of Los Angeles. (photo by Clayton Everett/FAME Church)

First AME Church of Los Angeles is making a bold move to register 10,000 new voters by the mid-term election on Nov. 13.  The initiative, headed by FAME Pastor J. Edgar Boyd, is part of the African American Get – Out The Vote (AAGTV) campaign to increase voter registration by 10 percent.

To kick-off their effort, Boyd and FAME members hosted #VoteFest on September 30, in collaboration with Corvette of Choice Club, the United in Peace Foundation Bikers and other specialty car clubs.

The event, which also included a rally and resource fair, featured more than scores of motorcycles and classic cars encircling the FAME campus to encourage people to register. Earlier, LAPD officers escorted the motorists from 105th and Figueroa to the FAME campus.

Emphasizing the importance of voting, Pastor Boyd said, “Voter participation is the bedrock of American democracy. When we fail to vote, we allow others to choose our civic officials and decide the issues which affect our personal welfare.  History has shown that bad government in America negatively affects Blacks, other racial minorities, and the poor, disproportionately. With the evils of racial hatred and political corruption on the verge of splitting the country, all of us are reminded of the urgency to register and vote!”

The Rev. Judi Wortham-Sauls added, “We are continuing to ask pastors and congregations to proclaim, explain and educate their members as we claim our legacy of advocacy and activism in the election process.   Our hope is that congregants will be energized with a clear understanding of what’s at stake in this election by sharing the ramifications on the African American community.  We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines while others determine our fate.”

To learn more about participating in AAGTV, email the Rev. Wortham-Sauls at [email protected] or call FAME Church at (323) 735-1251.