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This is a love story. “Brat Loves Judy,” the new WE tv new docuseries follows the veteran hip-hop artist and two-time Grammy Award-nominee star Da Brat (Shawntae Calloway) and her successful multi-millionaire CEO girlfriend and CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, Jesseca “Judy” Dupart as they forge an exciting new life together.


This new series joins WE tv’s ever-expanding Thursday night originals around the world of Hip Hop, including the popular “Growing Up Hip Hop” franchise, “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition,” and “Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka.”


“Brat Loves Judy,” premiered on August 5th on WE tv and will have eight hour-long episodes.

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“WE tv has long solidified itself as a home for authentic stories and relatable relationships, and we’re thrilled to add Brat and Judy’s larger-than-life love story to our Thursday night originals,” said Lauren Gellert, EVP of Development and Original Programming for WE tv. “These two powerful and successful women are sharing their brand-new relationship with audiences for the first time ever, bravely inviting viewers to experience all their emotional ‘firsts’ alongside them.”

Why is WE tv excited? Because “Brat Loves Judy” brings audiences a never-before-seen look into the world of Da Brat and Judy as they navigate their relationship – from building a new home together and growing their budding careers to couples therapy, dealing with meddling loved ones, and a surprise marriage proposal. Family and friends featured on the series include Judy’s adult daughter, Deja and Deja’s infant daughter Kenzie; Bella, Brat’s manager and confidante; Brat’s friend Montana and his wife Rhonda; and of course, Brat and Judy’s six dogs – Staxx, Rockie, Fat Boy, Loyal, Fendi, and Rebel – among others. The series also features a surprise appearance by Brat’s sister LisaRaye McCoy, as the siblings dig deeper into their strained relationship.

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The series is produced by Entertainment One (eOne) and Datari Turner Productions with Tara Long, Mark Herwick, Gennifer Gardiner, and Ben Megargel serving as executive producers for eOne, alongside Datari Turner executive producing for Datari Turner Productions, and Meredith Kisgen who also serves as showrunner. Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart also serve as executive producers on the series. Lauren P. Gellert and Ashley McFarlin Buie executive produced for WE tv.


Here’s what power couple Da Brat and Jesseca “Judy” Dupart had to share about living their best lives individually and together.


LOS ANGELES SENTINEL: The world has changed since the ’90s. There was no one bold like Lil Nas X. Let me be frank and I hope I don’t insult the LGBTQ+ community but I didn’t see a lesbian couple, I just saw two people in love. Black love.

JUDY: Yes. Brat doesn’t like to identify as lesbian. She just likes to be herself.

LAS: I only had the opportunity to view one episode but it comes across. I just see two African-American women in love. Gosh, the LGBTQ+ community is going to drag me.

DA BRAT: The labels that people create [I do not identify with]. Where do these labels come from? I’m not a stem. A stem is something that’s on a flower, on a rose.

JUDY: They came up with that description to describe someone that’s both feminine and masculine.

DA BRAT: I know. I know. But I don’t like it. I’m just me.

LAS: Yeah you are.

JUDY: We just love each other. We don’t care about the job titles. She cooks. I cook. She takes out the trash. I take out the trash. Whatever needs to be done, we do it together. We have an equal partnership. I just want her to be happy.

LAS: Amen, We all need a person like that in our lives. I. Just. Want. Her. To. Be. Happy. Go on, Ms. Judy. Are all of the episodes in the can?

DA BRAT: Yes. We are done filming.

LAS: Again, I’ve only seen one episode but it was AWESOME and frankly, I want more.

JUDY: Thank you. There is a lot more. They captured the way we live our lives. The good. The bad. The ugly.

LAS: The “Brat Loves Judy”—ness.

DA BRAT: (laughing) This is our real life. There’s nothing scripted or fake or put together. This is us. I don’t give a fuck anymore; if I’m happy, that’s what matters. I’m Da Brat, I’m out the fucking closet, living out loud with my baby because I love Judy, and Judy loves me.

LAS: Yes. I feel like giving love a parade and asking you both to be the Grand Marshalls. Back to the show. What can we look forward to, a juicy tidbit?

DA BRAT: We will dip into her [Judy] fighting her bankruptcy issue.

LAS: Say less. I’m in.

JUDY: Yes. We go there. This is my life. Its already on public display and if it can help or motivate someone else to just be themselves and be comfortable with who they are then that’s what we want to do.

LAS: Judy, does your daughter finally come to live with you? Wait. Is that a spoiler?

JUDY: (stuttering/laughter) Well there is an issue of what we can take in and can’t take in.

DA BRAT: Because of the space, the renovation of the house.

LAS: Judy. I am so excited to learn more about your hair company.

JUDY: Kaleidoscope Hair Products

LAS: Will your products make hair grow?

JUDY: Yes, indeed it will.

LAS: Ok. I will come back and do a separate story on the Kaleidoscope Hair Products. I have a beauty column that appears twice a month, in the Los Angeles Sentinel.

DA BRAT: All the stuff you see [“Brat Loves Judy”] really happened.

LAS: Yessssss—I’m here for it!