Renowned fitness expert Patrick Netter (2ndfrom Left) of On The MOV, presenting at the “eSi Pitch” of the eSports Business Accelerator event. (Photo by E. Mesiyah McGinnis)

In an effort to bridge the opportunity gap in the tech sector, local company hosted an event to help urban innovators and resources connect. Utilizing Skype, CEO’s from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and Canada convened on Saturday, May 20,on the LA84 campus in South L.A.

Speakers included NFL Player’s Congress Chairman and Super bowl Champion Bob Grant, Rose Bowl Stadium HR Director, Charles Thompson Jr., Esq., and coach CeJai Taylor.

CEO’s from a wide range of sectors gathered to connect with potential funding sources.  The panelists assessed the pitches and provided comments and posed tough questions throughout the conference.

“The eSports Business Accelerator ‘Pitch’ panelist included Dr. Paul Ruffin (Minnesota), Tech Diva Zenobia Millett (Pasadena), Business Expert Stanley Stain (LA), and Business Investment Expert Joan Corso (New Jersey),” said Grant.

According to Grant, attendees traveled from across the country, including former NBA player Sam Williams and Wayne Lyons, recent student-athlete (Stanford & Michigan) and more.

“We are a non-traditional accelerator, that connects’ investors, with innovators and start-up companies via our esiPitch events, and web series. We consult with and market start-up businesses,’ said Grant. He says that eSi provides a wide range of services to the business community. “Our primary function is to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners the needed tools to make their business a success.”

Grant leads the team, a company focused on the conversion of eSports (Gamification), in Sports and Education.  The group focuses on high-tech gaming-to-fitness inventions.  “We are built with the firm belief that in today’s technology-driven society, that thoughts and ideas are the most valuable commodity on the planet,” Grant said.

His mission is to provide all people with the opportunity to expand their exposure in business. “Intellectual Property, IP, is the currency of tomorrow. We help innovators, athletes, and investors connect with start-up businesses in eSports, sports, and education,” he said.

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E sports founder Reggie Grant (left) hosted “eSi Pitch” with and the National Alliance of African American Athletes on the LA 84 Campus in South LA.  (Photo by E. Mesiyah McGinnis)