Sol has played drums for 13 years. (Courtesy photo)

He’s original. Producer, artist and creator of NBRHDSRÉ, Sol, brings a sense of authenticity to music that enchants listeners with the instrumentation and impactful verses.

Chicago native Sol recently came to L.A. on business—collaborating with different networks in the industry.  When he wasn’t in the studio, Sol explored the L.A. music scene and found himself in Leimert Park, at the Hot and Cool Café for The Good Sh*T concert. The event brings like-minded individuals to South L.A. where they experience new elements of music bubbling in the neighboring areas.

When asked about the local music scene in L.A., Sol said, “There’s a really nice sense of community in L.A., it’s a very inviting. I came to meet one person—I ended up making strong connection with about five. I learned a lot from being in a room with a lot of abstract thinkers and dreamers.”

Sol also plays the violin and bass. (Courtesy photo)

Sol has played drums for 13 years and has been producing music for five. He began writing songs in 2017. Sol also plays the violin and bass. Aside from his own projects he teaches young aspiring musicians how to play the drums.

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Sol explained that he takes his sound very seriously.  The most recent project he created is called “Serious” featuring Nevi Outlyr, Vianim and Tomoto and it holds a lot of critical points for the growth in the artist.

“I want it to come from a genuine place,” Sol said. “And always be authentic—there is some songs where people will stretch truths for the sake of the song, I get that and respect that, but I am not there yet.”

The L.A. music scene is very attrative to Sol. (Courtesy photo)

“‘Serious’ came from a very vulnerable conversation. I was talking a homie about what was going on and that’s where I got the hook—from that conversation.”

Sol has many more producer credits under his belt. He’s produced approximately 11 songs. He would have his hand in the development of the song from the drums to the bass line, core progression or sound design—in addition to creating lyrics as well.

Expressing his excitement about coming back to Los Angles, Sol stated, “I would come back to L.A. in a heartbeat.  My goal would be to leave with music ready to drop by the time I left.”

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