Karim Webb is in the business of prosperity. As an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and city commissioner, Webb has found the mold to shape success, and brought it back to the collective community. He shares his formula with community-building in mind. Webb has an unwavering dedication to encourage business ownership in underrepresented groups. Through his work ethic, Webb has proven every bit of his advisory to be true.

The company Webb created looks to “invest in human beings.” 4thMVMT focuses “on communities impacted by institutional racism.” Webb has an eye for people who have a dream of having their legacy, and uses that fire to ignite the process of bringing that vision to life.

4thMVMT envisions the future pathway for business. The creation of Webb’s company derived from the past; the birth of the company was conceived through the knowledge of initiatives of Martin Luther King Jr. They addressed the oppression, and socially constructed racism that continues to keep people of color in a second-class environment.

Webb credits 4thMVMT to the goals of Martin Luther King Jr. Webb stated, “King said, ‘ if the experience of African Americans in the United States was described in the form of a symphony, the first movement would be the abolition of slavery, the second would be civil rights, the third would be voting rights, and the fourth would be economic equality.’ ”

Buffalo Wild Wings Hand Breaded Sandwiches COURTESY OF BUFFALO WILD WINGS

When asked about the mindset needed to succeed in business, Webb said, “Have an idea about where you are going, and the best way to do that is to be clear about your quote-on-quote why—why did God put you on the planet.” He explained that a personal set of experiences indicates the destiny of oneself.

The 4thMVMT founder shared the understanding of goals begets the consistency needed in life to accomplish the set vision. Webb referred to this laser-beam focus as a personal “North Star,” that navigates the transformation of oneself.

Webb is a nourished seed, that took root in the spoken affirmation from one of the greatest activists in history. 4thMVMT partners with individuals from underserved communities to endure the process of business ownership. He was enlightened by this platform, Webb concluded that the formula to successful business ventures consisted of funding, experience, relationships, and valued service.

As city commissioner, Webb highlighted the framework around relationships, “In any relationship, whether its employee/employer, personal, family, or the relationships between business and its customer—it’s about an equal exchange of value.”

Karim Webb talking at a BLOOM event at a HBO Shop. PHOTO PROVIDED BY K.WEBB

With those components set in motion, social equity will be more than a dream passed down through the words of an activist. It will be present in physical existence among all communities. Webb acknowledges the matters of oppression that block the pathway for many people of color; keeping them from achieving their goal of ownership and better quality of life. 4thMVMT bypasses the obstacles of limitations in resources, and becomes a stream of wealth for anyone seeking a new financial course for their family line.

Webb found his way to be an activist, by uplifting the confidence of the collective community. Before unlocking his true nature in building empires for social equity, Webb assisted with generating PCF Restaurant Management, and became a franchisee of the beer and chicken eatery, Buffalo Wild Wings.

Working through a strategy of opulence, and being “best-in-class,” the current operating franchise location on Crenshaw is recognized for reaching the highest sales percentage (2012, 2013, and 2014).

The Buffalo Wild Wing franchisee gave credit to his staff and highlighting their interests, Webb said, “I call it exercising the muscle of excellence.” He painted the picture of all of one’s experiences point to the reason for their creation. Webb mentioned if one is open-minded during the process, one can see the skills that accumulate along the way.

PCF Restaurant Management is looking to develop three more locations in Los Angeles, creating opportunities and jobs in those communities. Through great tenacity, and keen ability to see the potential in every person, Webb created an environment in his Buffalo Wild Wing franchise that surpasses other regional and national locations.

Karim Webb talking at 4thMVMT Partners event. PHOTO BY JASON CLARK

Webb shares his wisdom as an advisor for the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA). This non-profit organization digs into the goldmine of “cultural intelligence,” and how diversity is not only essential to the evolution of humanity, but highlights the value of being inclusive.

Naturally geared to shape the future, Webb sits on the Board of Directors of the California Community Foundation (CCF), and from that platform, he spreads his knowledge as a spokesperson for BLOOM. It’s a CCF initiative that focuses on young men in South Los Angeles who haven’t tapped into their potential, resulting in run-ins with the L.A. County Probation Department. Webb also sits on the board of the Brotherhood Crusade.

As an uplifting member of the community, Webb was tapped by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to be Commissioner of the City of Los Angeles Airport and Co-Chair of RENEW task force. The mayor reached out to Webb based on the reputation of growth that surrounds him. He shared a bit of the conversation he had with the mayor during the nomination period, Webb told Garcetti, “You might be nominating me for this position, but you got to know that I am about the equity first.” The mayor’s response was, “That’s why I want you.”

In philanthropic efforts, Webb reflected on an event that put him on the pathway to a deeper understanding of his purpose. He said, “I taught an entrepreneurship class at Dorsey High School after I had opened the Buffalo Wild Wings on Crenshaw, and working with those young people I had an epiphany. Which was ‘, I’m not in the chicken and beer, or sports bar business, I’m in the people development business.’” Webb explained that opened his perception, and it commanded more energy out of him to push the agenda of social equity forward.