State Senator Steven Bradford addresses students during EECI’s Business Seminar Series. Other presenters, from left are Janine Haydel, Del Atkins, Corbin Pitts and Barbara J. Stanton. (Courtesy photo)

The Entrepreneur Educational Center Inc. (EECI) will host their next business seminar at East Dominguez Park on Saturday, July 23,  the second in a series of outreach to BIPOC and multicultural entrepreneurs located in the 2ndSupervisorial District.

The seminar will focus on business plan development and introduce attendees to the Environmental Goods Movementat the L.A. Port of Los Angeles.   Free to all, these seminars provide critical information to under serviced communities in need of business and commerce.

The next topic will focus on The Business Concept for new or existing businesses. Should an attendee complete theirbusiness plan through these seminars, EECI will start and advertise the DBA or incorporate the nonprofit agency for thestudents.

State Senator Steven Bradford was a guest speaker at the grand opening at Magic Johnson Park where heannounced, “I am proud to have been successful in securing $5.2 million in the 2022 California State Budgetfor the Entrepreneur Educational Center Inc. EECI focuses on nurturing and promoting entrepreneurship, smallbusiness creation and expansion in the underserved communities of Watts, Willowbrook, Compton, Carson, and SouthLos Angeles.

“The funding will support the primary program objectives of the EECI Quarles Business Opportunity Center. According to a study conducted by Lending Tree only 2.4% of U.S. businesses are owned by African Americans,which is alarming, and we must work together to address this. I commend the  state for appropriating these funds to EECI so they can expand the Quarles Business Opportunity Center.”

The Quarles Business Opportunity Center (QBOC) contains 3,000 square feet of prime office space and was dedicatedto the Quarles Family this year. As summarized by Barbara J. Stanton, “We plan to evolve QBOC into a state-of-the-art Global Communications Center. The outdoor Roof Top literally saved the EECI classes to distance and safelygraduate 2 classes of during the Pandemic.”

EECI’s partner, AltaSea, will detail what comprises a blue / green business in today’s society and how to be included in the environmental efforts to save the earth.   There will also be insight on the still relatively unknown blue and green economy. The industry is projected to be a $3 trillion by 2030.

Sponsors of the EECI Programs include Comerica Bank, Enterprise Business Bank, Epson, GBC International, Union Bank, 1st Republic Bank, Northern Trust Bank, American Business Bank, Cathay Bank, First Commercial Bank, 1stCentury Bank, Banc of California, and Popeye’s Chicken in Watts.

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