The first in a series of events commemorating CDU’s 50th Year Training Healthcare Leaders

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) will kick-off a series of events to celebrate its 50th anniversary with celebrities Edward James Olmos, Rick Najera, and a panel of Los Angeles University leaders for a timely discussion on the absence of Latinos and African Americans in higher education.

Events will honor CDU’s 50 years history. The University was founded on August 3, 1966 following the Watts revolt, to address the inadequate access to education and healthcare in the community of Watts and greater South Los Angeles.

“Leading a conversation with Universities across Los Angeles on the need to increase opportunities for African Americans and Latinos in higher education is not only a symbolic way to launch our 50th anniversary celebration, it is of increasing importance,” said Dr. David M. Carlisle, President of CDU. “According to a recent Association of American Medical Colleges report, the number of black males applying to and attending medical school in this country has declined since 1978. As campuses across America find ways to create inclusive spaces for students of all backgrounds, CDU will continue to recruit and train diverse and committed healthcare professionals in a supportive environment.”

Since its founding, CDU has earned designation as a minority-serving institution by the U.S. Office for Civil Rights, and is recognized by the Department of Education (DOE) under Title III B as a Historically Black Graduate Institution (HBGI).

The University is also a charter member of the Hispanic-Serving Health Professions Schools, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of Hispanic people through research initiatives, training opportunities, and academic development.

“Education is the most crucial issue in America today. Education versus incarceration will decide our nation’s future,” said Rick Najera, nationally acclaimed speaker and award-winning writer-performer-director-producer.

“That is why I launched Latino Thought Makers, so that I can partner with influencers like my good friend Edward James Olmos to discuss important topics such as diversity in education. “.

“CDU’s 50th Anniversary and events like the February 11th President Breakfast are designed to honor the University’s steadfast commitment to its mission to develop a diverse group of healthcare leaders who seek social justice, promote wellness, and provide care with excellence and compassion,”Dr. Carlisle said.

For more information on the 50th Anniversary celebrations, visit the newly launched website,, and follow #CDUat50 on social media.