Cars filing out of Dodgers Stadium (Mesiyah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)

By now, it’s common news that the L.A. Dodgers lost Game 7 and the 2017 World Series to the Houston Astros. And while the Sentinel could add to the city’s pity-party, instead, we decided to interview fans to hear their viewpoint on attending such a historical event. And who knows when the Dodgers will hoset another World Series Game 7, since the last one was in 1965 against the Minnesota Twins. The Sentinel took to the parking lot to see what the fans felt about the World Series and their thoughts, in general, about Game 7 and baseball.

Bryce Bradshaw (age 16) and dad, George Bradshaw (Mesiyah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)

“From my perspective I’m continuing a tradition that was part of my youth.  My dad and my mom used to take me to games when I was a kid.  We never went to a World Series game (couldn’t afford it). But I remember being a kid and we went to game 1 of the 1980 playoffs with the Dodgers losing to the Astros.  Both of my parents were able to come to game 1 of this World Series.  So being a baseball fan in general and a dodger fan specifically runs in the family.   Dodger baseball has been a family tradition as long as I can remember.  In short, its part of the Bradshaw DNA.  In fact, my oldest son Brandon plays college baseball at Mt. San Antonio College.  Bryce plays baseball at Bonita High School in LaVerne and my youngest Bryan plays Little League in Pomona. In my personal opinion, Major League Baseball doesn’t offer the same appeal as the more popular sports such as the NBA ort NFL, and that’s why you see so few African Americans play the game of baseball. My hope, one day, is that baseball eventually overtakes those two  sports in terms of popularity and with the newfound popularity, MLB makes it’s way to the inner-city and people of color see the game as not only fun and mentally appealing, but when they see the game on tv, they are able to watch people who look like them playing at the highest level”-George Bradshaw

“Game 7 of the World Series is seen as the greatest sporting event in the history of sports in my baseball family apart from the Super Bowl. It is an event I would often replay over and over in my backyard baseball fantasies. Unfortunately, the team I had grown up with, the Dodgers couldn’t get it done. Though I’ve been in love with baseball (and still play to this day)ever since I saw my dad play in Sunday League games, I’ve learned more, endured more and suffered more with this team, this postseason than I’ve ever had my whole life playing it. I would often ask my dad(who I consider my greatest teacher) what should the Dodgers do in a certain situation. It made the game that much more nerve wracking and exciting, something a postseason game already comes with. To some baseball may just be a boring old game but to me it is so much more than that, its a way to connect with your father that can only be described by those who have played our national pastime.” – Bryce Bradshaw

Jonathan Howell and Janayia Richardson (Mesiyah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)

“It was my first World Series Game and I enjoyed the experience. Of course I am disappointed the Dodgers lost and neither teams played like it was a World Series Game. I am still a proud and loyal Dodger’s fan and we’ll be back at Dodger’s Stadium next year Game 7 to watch them be World Series Champions! Go Dodger’s!” – Janayia Richardson

Matthew Speaks (Mesiyah/L.A. Sentinel)

“My thoughts on Game 7.  Never thought I’d be fortunate enough to attend a World Series game 7 in Dodger Stadium but here I am!! Even though we lost 5 to 1 At home I’m glad I was lucky enough to be able to be apart of Dodger history.  I couldn’t compare this night to any other sporting event that I’ve been too, and I still didn’t let the loss over shadow the experience of being here.  We still have a young team and with Magic Johnson as one of the co-owners of the Dodgers I think we have a very exciting future ahead of us.  Everything Magic touches turns to Gold! Go Dodgers!!!” – Matthew  Speaks

Cedric Johnson and Hope Reynolds (Mesiyah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)

“The end results sucked, but it is what it is, and it was still a historic moment — straight up.” – With a game of this magnitude, I understand how the prices can get out of control; and then you combine that with the more recent generations not being as interested in baseball as previous generations, I can’t see that many black people being at a baseball game in a today’s high cost of living Southern Calodornia We definitely need more black players too.  We’ve got to find a way to make the game more attractive to our youth.  I can’t imagine Magic isn’t involved in that initiative.  Seems like good things have happened since he’s been involved with the organization.  Plus, we were digging how they used the  Snoop, Kendrick & Cube videos to get the crowd hype between innings!” – Cedric Johnson

“The Dodgers are L.A.’s team, so to be in that moment with all the people from Southern California who were lucky enough to attend was dope. As far as the outcome, congrats to Houston and all that, but Go Blue!  Was  glad to be here, and best believe we’ll be back!”  –Hope Reynolds