Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard (Courtesy photo)

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke a few weeks ago about the NBA being a good platform to speak out on racial equality, and that there needs to be diversity in the coaching ranks.

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers was asked by reporters his thoughts on what it would take to have that kind of representation. He laughed and said, “I think it would take owners hiring more. I don’t think it’s that complicated.”

Rivers shared more thoughts, “You hire who you know, you hire who you’re comfortable with. If we can improve, it would be doing something where the owners can be comfortable with more people than that’s in their circle. I don’t know how to do it but it has to be done.”

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers (Courtesy photo)

The Clippers have been following all health protocols, and following the league rules regarding social distancing. Rivers said, “As far as our health, we have an appointment every morning that you have to do. Everybody is wearing face masks when you’re out in public.” Rivers jokingly stated, “Maybe we should give our game plan to the White House.”

Players of all races are now speaking up against social justice issues. They are taking this opportunity of being in the bubble to keep racial equality talks going.

Rivers said, “I’m very proud of all our players, Black and White. J.J. Redick has been very outspoken. It’s what we have to do.” Rivers expressed that they are in a fortunate situation. “Our health is good. Most importantly, we cannot allow these talks to die down. It’s so important, we have to keep going. We can’t lose steam.”

CLippers guard Reggie Jackson (Courtesy photo)

Rivers acknowledges the fact that there is real life outside the bubble. “No matter what we’re in, sometimes real life comes into play.”

A couple of Clippers players have been using their platforms to speak on issues to make a change. Guard Reggie Jackson is ecstatic about having a message on the back of his jersey. “Oh, I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to having a chance to try to push this social justice reform and movement,” says Jackson.

Clippers guard Amir Coffey spoke on the George Floyd murder and the profound impact it had on society. “People were fed up. And it kind of sparked an outrage at this point in time. There has been an outpouring for everybody. This was just one nationwide outcry, and it was the media that covered this more than the others.”

Clippers guard Amir Coffey (Courtesy photo)

Coffey said the NBA has been working with players, and keeping the dialogue open for them to address their concerns. He states, “They’re definitely working with us. Even a thing like the jerseys; I know a couple guys on our team are going to have some messages on there. Small things like that and having a conversation about it.”

Kawhi Leonard tells reporters that this time in the bubble shows unity. He expressed, “We all have to come together and figure out what we’re going to do. The bigger the voice is, I think the bigger the impact you have on whoever is watching.”