Known to many as “one of the most powerful women in American politics today,” Democratic Congresswoman Maxine waters continues to look for ways to represent the men, women, and children of underrepresented communities with her reelection to U.S. House in California’s 43rd Congressional District.

U.S. Representative Joe Collins challenged Waters for the 43rd congressional seat. With much at stake, voters have made their choice, and with 75% of the votes recorded at press time, Waters is in the lead. With 72.5% of the votes in her favor, Waters aims to ensure that the nation feels confident in their decision.

Congresswoman Waters knows what it means to serve the public, much of her accomplishments can be seen in her 15th term, as well as her policy-making for the last 30 years.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters. (file photo)

She has seen major developments in all parts of the 43rd district under her jurisdiction, including Westchester, Playa Del Rey, and Watts, and unincorporated areas including Lennox, West Athens, West Carson, and Harbor Gateway.

Before the call of radical social change, Congresswomen Waters co-developed thriving local initiatives, such as the Black Women Forum; a non-profit organization with the involvement of over 1,200 women of color in Los Angeles, and in the moment of George Floyd’s murder, Waters spoke out and shared her thoughts.

“George Floyd is yet another unarmed African American man who has been killed at the hands of the police. George Floyd’s murder is a painful and tragic indication that we have, in fact, entered into an era where some law enforcement officers, White supremacists, and other radical extremists are feeling empowered to target, brutalize, and kill unarmed African Americans with impunity.” (Maxine Waters Press Release, 2020)

Early on, Congresswoman Waters recognized how imperative healthcare is and how it should be available for everyone. Last year, in 2019, before the tragedy of a global pandemic, Waters fought “tooth and nail” to keep the threshold of Obamacare and coverage for those with preexisting conditions in July of 2019. This turned out to be a pivotal factor this year, as we face an airborne virus that has fatal effects on those who have preexisting medical conditions.

Waters stated, “Obamacare has been the law of the land for nine years. Since its passage, Obamacare has saved millions of lives and ensured that all Americans have access to quality and affordable health care.” (Maxine Waters Press Release, July 2019) Congresswoman Waters is known to be a major advocate for those with preexisting medical conditions such as Diabetes and AIDS/HIV.

Congress Woman Maxine Waters. (File photo)

Less than a month into the pandemic, Waters discussed a plan for relief from the coronavirus on MSNBC in March (2020). With 30 years of public service and many policies influenced by her strategy, she would continue confidently leading the voiceless.

Waters’ opponent, opposing Representative Joe Collins felt “We deserve better,” proposing a five-point plan to elevate the 43rd District. Some of the policies included rebuilding the community infrastructure, improved relations with law enforcement, educational funding, hiring opportunities, and ending the struggle in living without shelter.

Collins scrutinized Congresswoman Waters for living in a six-million-dollar mansion, claiming that it is outside the district she represents. Collins ran an ad in the Navy veteran, that depicted the dramatic difference between Water’s neighborhood compared to the area she represents.

Waters confirmed Collins’ standing with the Trump administration, as he denied being a “Trump Republican” days before on a radio interview on Power106However, the President announced his support of Collins, which could have been a factor in his loss.

Serving the public is what is most important and the people have cast their collective vote. During a heightened time of awareness, many hold their breath as Congresswoman Waters conducts the US congressional 43rd District into a new frontier.  Despite the country battling through a pandemic, there is much hope through a dark tunnel into a new normal Maxine Waters continues her 30 years of leadership in congress.

Congress Woman Maxine Waters. (File photo)