Aja Brown (File Photo)

The following statement is from Compton Mayor Aja Brown on her run for the 44th Congressional District:

“I am excited and blessed to announce that my husband of fourteen years and I are expecting our first child!

“We are overjoyed at the opportunity to become parents and look forward to starting our family.

“To date, one of my highest honors has been dedicating my time and life to serving my community.  However, at this point in my life, my family commitments supersede my ability to expand my level of service.

“Today, I am announcing that I am withdrawing my candidacy to represent the 44th Congressional District.

“I am genuinely grateful for the outpouring of support for my candidacy after my initial announcement.

“Moving forward collectively,  we will continue to empower, elevate and advance the City of Compton and our greater community. The coalitions, partnerships, programs, new investments, and infrastructure development will continue, and there is more to come.

“This milestone in my personal life has provided me with a greater perspective and deepened my commitment to strengthening our families.

“Thank you for your overwhelming love, support, and prayers. Our journey together is not over, it’s just beginning.”