The South Los Angeles Chapter of the National Organization for Women recently hosted its 1st Town Hall Meeting entitled ,“Where Do We Go from Here, Chaos or Community?”, at McCoy Memorial Baptist Church 802 E. 46th St. L.A. CA 90011.

The purpose is to build public power in community and increase civic engagement. The organization is the grassroots arm of the women’s movement, The National Organization of Women (N.O.W.), which is the largest organization of feminist activist in the United States. N.OW. was founded in 1966 with the goal to take action and bring about equality for all women.

Under the leadership of Dr. Meshellia Johnson, the South Los Angeles Chapter has taken a new direction, adopting and advocating for social justice, youth and education, economic development and family preservation. By focusing on these key issues, they plan to tackle mass incarceration, gender and racial equality, foster care, affordable housing, career preparation, gang intervention, and transition projects.

Speakers for the town hall included Noreen McClendon, executive director of Concerned Citizens for South Los Angeles, Aqueela Sherrils, strategist for Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, Tim Kornegay, SLA Now board member, Melinda Williams SLA board member to discuss Self Determination Initiative, and Duane Dickson Re-Entry Service Provider.

As the discussion began Dr. Johnson referenced Dr. Martin Luther King’s book entitled “Where Do We Go from Here” as the premise of the afternoon dialogue. Noreen McClendon echoed with an answer regarding the state of Blacks in L.A., “part of it was systemic and part of it was we laid down.”

As information was disseminated, the organization passed out a call-to-action, which includes:

1. Commit to attend their January 2018 meeting as they make preparations for upcoming discussions with elected officials as well as discussing community concerns for the future.

2. Commit to inviting (5) additional individuals to come and join the discussion.

3. Commit to attend a free Community 101 Training event, which will equip individuals with the tools needed to ensure the process of community organizing.

4. Commit to standing with SLA NOW as they prepare to implement grassroots outreach campaigns to impact 2018 local elections in Los Angeles County.

5. Join the SLA NOW as we work on building public power.

6. Submit the name of someone who you believe would be a good candidate for a leadership position with SLA NOW.

The organizations creed is “I Am My Sisters Keeper, I Am Your Voice” and they are fired up and ready to go! For more information visit or call 323.535.5919.