Colorado Buffaloes Coach Deion Sanders leaves field after loss to UCLA at the Rose Bowl
(Credit: Reuters)

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders posed this question at his recent post-game conference following the team’s 28-16 loss to the UCLA Bruins on Saturday, “Who robs the Rose Bowl?”

Sanders asked that question as he informed the country that a robbery occurred at the Rose Bowl in the Buffaloes locker room during Saturday’s game against the UCLA Bruins. Several of his team members and staff reported missing jewelry and cash from their belongings. According to Rose Bowl officials, over 71,343 sports fans were in attendance.

According to the Pasadena Police Department, an investigation is ongoing, and they are in contact with officials from Colorado, UCLA, and the Rose Bowl.

Lisa Derderian, public information officer, stated, “Only the Colorado locker room and players reported missing items after the game. The NCAA declined comment about the robbery, which did not sit well with Coach Sanders. He called on the NCAA to do something.

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“NCAA, you do something about everything else,” said Sanders. “Do something about this one.”

Coach Sanders said he did not have any items stolen, but a camera worker reported a “significant amount of cash missing.” Sanders also said that he would not depend on the security teams of others, inferring that Colorado would bring their security to future games.

UCLA Bruins head coach Chip Kelley called the theft “awful.” “You would think that when you go anywhere, your valuables are safe.”

The UCLA Athletic Department released a statement confirming their knowledge of the reported theft:

“UCLA is in communication with law enforcement, Rose Bowl Stadium officials, and the University of Colorado on the matter,” the statement read in part.

Coach Sanders also hopes the students will receive reimbursement for their losses.

“All that stuff should be replaced, he said. This is the Rose Bowl. It’s the granddaddy of them all, right? I’m sure Granddaddy has some money to give these kids.” Sanders said they are getting a list of the stolen items, and while they may not be able to get their possession back, they should be reimbursed.

Sanders addressed that his players did not have insurance. He also addressed the online trolls who have blamed the players for bringing expensive items into the locker room.

“The insurance part of it, we slipped, and we didn’t educate them on that,” Sanders said.

As for online trolls, Sanders said: “That’s crazy. That’s like if you have a car in your driveway, and somebody comes and steals your car. Critics might say, well, you shouldn’t have a car. That’s how stupid that sounds. These are young men that work their butts off, or they were blessed and gifted by their family members to give them whatever was stolen.”