Paul George scores 12 points in loss to Cavaliers.(Photo by L.A. Clippers)

Clippers are continuing to struggle to get wins. They only shot 35% from the field and made nine of 41 three-pointers from deep. Paul George is in a slump as he only scored 12 points, he said his legs felt “heavy.”

Head coach Tyronn Lue called the team’s offense nasty. “I thought we didn’t execute. We just didn’t have it tonight. That’s to be expected but not game five or whatever game it is.”

Lue was frustrated because of shot selection, over dribbling and the defense of Cleveland didn’t make it any better. The Cavs have three players in the starting lineup that’s close to seven feet.

He said, “We just didn’t have a lot of energy and that’s one of those games where we didn’t do a good job of sharing the basketball and making the right play.”

George noted that their offense was stagnant and the Cavs length caused them big problems. He called the offense deflating after seeing the team’s Half-court offense turn into one-on-one matchups. “Cleveland hadn’t been forced to work as hard defensively.”

George strives for the team to get better after a game like that against the Cavaliers.

“We couldn’t really get out and run as much. They were sending multiple guys at the rim getting rebounds, so I thought that was deflating to us. We used a lot of energy to rebound.”

The Cavs grabbed 21 more rebounds than the Clippers, which says a lot about who wanted it more.

Former USC star, now Cavs rookie Evan Mobley finished with 12 points and ten rebounds.

Reggie Jackson said “We kind of let them off the hook and forced ourselves into tough shots. It was a long day after that.

Collin Sexton went off for 26 points and quieted the crowd.

Veteran Nic Batum finished with 16 points and many fans believe he should be in the starting lineup. The Clippers are one of the worst teams offensively right now, expect that to change when or if Kawhi Leonard returns to the lineup this season.