Charisse Bremond-Weaver receiving her award at half-time


Charisse Bremond-Weaver Honored


As the distinguished young alumna of 2009, Charisse Bremond-Weaver was serenaded throughout the homecoming weekend at her alma mater, Utah State University.


By Yussuf J. Simmonds

Sentinel Managing Editor


It was a fantastic weekend for Charisse Bremond-Weaver! The Utah State University (USU) at Logan recognized her in a big way as its 2009 Distinguished Young Alumna of the year and they showered her with all the accoutrements that went along with that recognition. Having graduated from in 1987, she is the first African American woman to be so honored by USU. Described as a woman of integrity and accomplishments, Bremond Weaver was selected as the Distinguished Young Alumna of the Year and was bestowed with all the honors that went with that selection during the Homecoming Weekend last weekend.


Bremond-Weaver, along with her entourage, was given a tour of the women’s sports facilities that were being redesigned and upgraded by Raegan Pebley, the head coach of the women’s basketball team. It was most fitting since she had attended USU on a basketball scholarship. After the tour, she was allowed to speak a group of students in a déjà vu, nostalgic chat, having “been there, done that.”

Logan’s local newspaper, the Herald Journal, featured Bremond-Weaver and the other three honorees in its local news titled “USU alumni honored at homecoming”; and so did the USU quarterly magazine titled “Here, there, everywhere – USU Homecoming 2009.” The magazine highlighted her accomplishments as the first woman president of the Brotherhood Crusade – a position she currently maintains – and went on to report ‘Bremond-Weaver has generated over $20 million that has subsequently been used to provide services and support non-profit institutions in the areas of health, economic development, education and social welfare.’ During the weekend activities, she also had featured speaking engagements on the local radio.


At the homecoming banquet, Bremond-Weaver was presented with USU’s Aggie Distinguished Young Alumna award by the university’s president, Stan L. Albrecht and made some brief remarks. She said, “I feel very honored to be here tonight and there are many individuals who’ve helped my along the way: my mother, Bertha Bremond Hartfield and my husband, George Weaver, who is my rock.” Prior to the evening’s banquet, the honoree, her husband and her invited guests had their pictures taken.


The next day, Bremond-Weaver was the guest of honor at a dignitaries breakfast, which was followed by her being in the lead car of the city’s homecoming parade.

The main event that evening was homecoming football game, USU versus Southern Utah State. At half time, Bremond-Weaver was escorted to the 50-yard line where President Albrecht made the formal of her award and introduced to the crowd of over 25,000 cheering football fans. That was one of the highlights of the day’s activities.


While touring the women’s facilities the previous day, Bremond-Weaver and her entourage was introduced to Astou Ndiaye-Dialle, the assistant coach of the women’s basketball team, who, along with her husband and her triplets, was on hand to bid farewell to the group. Ndiaye-Dialle said the following about Bremond-Weaver, “It was great just meeting her last Friday – her coming back after so long and seeing how much has changed. How the campus is more diverse is a big part of the story. The whole weekend was amazing and inspirational.”

In addition to her mother and her husband, Bremond-Weaver was accompanied by her niece, Diandra Bremond; her uncle, Leo Hill; her chief of staff at the Brotherhood Crusade, Will Harris; her fellow students while at USU, Dr. Paul Jones and Paula Scott; and Sentinel’s managing editor, Yussuf J. Simmonds and his wife Tina Simmonds.