Miguel Santana (Courtesy photo)

The collaboration, endowed with $3.5 million from the state of California, will result in more resources for grassroots organizations as well as support CBFF’s efforts to advance racial equity, support Black-led power building organizations, and foster systemic change.

CBFF, formed in 2020, aims to raise $100 million to invest in nonprofits focused on building equity and justice by eliminating racism and anti-Blackness.  CCF, which is nearly 110 years old, distributes grants in a variety of areas to organizations to address pressing societal issues and ultimately improve the quality of life for local residents.

“California Community Foundation is proud to join forces with the California Black Freedom Fund to advance racial justice and Black empowerment in our region,” said Miguel Santana, president and CEO of CCF.

“This partnership amplifies our commitment to build a more equitable Los Angeles County and create meaningful change in Southern California and beyond,” noted Santana.

“We are thrilled to welcome California Community Foundation as our partner and home in Southern California,” said Marc Philpart, executive director of the California Black Freedom Fund. “This partnership represents a significant advancement in our collective efforts to support Black-led power building organizations and advance racial equity across the state. Together, we will work to build a more just and inclusive California for all.”

Karim Webb (Courtesy photo)

Karim Webb, a member of CCF board of directors, is equally pleased about the partnership and predicts that it will attract more philanthropy and investments in L.A.’s Black community. Webb, a successful Southland businessman and restaurateur, has a history of developing programs and projects to benefit underserved neighborhoods.

“It will be great to have a partner foundation to lock arms and be in solidarity with the entire philanthropic community in the state as we look to improve outcomes related to Black people in Southern California,” said Webb, who also commended the leadership of Santana and Philpart.

“I think Marc, as the leader of the Black Freedom Fund, will bring visibility not just in directing the dollars, but also working collaboratively with the leadership apparatus of philanthropy in the state. The Black Freedom Fund will crystallize for us every way forward as it relates to Black agency, educational attainment, our health outcomes, and wealth inequality.  The California Black Freedom Fund will be in a position to onboard more resources to continue to do its work,” he explained.

“I think that the collaboration between the Black Freedom Fund and the California Community Foundation speaks to the leadership of Miguel Santana, who has been an ally to the Black community and is someone who has proven to make decisions in solidarity with our best interests,” added Webb, citing CCF projects such as the BLOOM mentoring program for African American male teens and the Black Empowerment Fund to foster systemic change.

From left are Prophet Walker, co-founder and CEO of Treehouse; Marc Philpart, CBFF executive director; Joanna S. Jackson, interim president & CEO, Weingart Foundation; Ambassador Crystal Nix-Hines, CCF board member; Miguel Santana, CCF president & CEO; Karim Webb, CCF board member; L.A. Council President Pro Tempore Marqueece Harris-Dawson, and Jason Foster, president and COO, Destination Crenshaw. (Leroy Hamilton)

Crediting State Senator Lola Smallwood-Cuevas with securing the $3.5 million, Santana welcomed advocacy groups to consider applying to CCF for a grant through CBFF.

“If you’re a nonprofit organization, particularly if you’re about advancing racial justice and bringing voice to systemic issues in the Black experience, serving communities that been often neglected or not fully supported in in South L.A. and other parts of L.A. County that serve the African American population, we encourage you to take notice and see if this is a right fit for you,” he said.

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