Jasmine Brand (Courtesy photo)

Brutally Honest with Jasmine Brand” which appears on Fox Soul, features interviews with some of Hollywood’s biggest names and conversations on the latest in entertainment, fashion, and music news, per the press news release.

Ms. Jasmine Brand, who is very much her own brand, handles that situation like the boss that she is. And make no mistake, Brand is a modern woman – an entrepreneur, founder, and co-owner of her culture entertainment site — The Jasmine Brand.

Perhaps it’s being raised in the Midwest that gave her the hunker-down and get-it-done attitude. Growing up, she gravitated to journalism and like billions of other people across the globe she admits to being fascinated by the world of the ‘celebrity.’

Her drive took her to Morgan State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and after graduation stepped into the world of marketing and public relations. Years of excelling in corporate America taught her the value of ownership and she embarked on her journey, creating her blog to cover pop culture.

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To date, Brand has interviewed many artists that are household names like Nick Cannon, Chaka Khan, Spike Lee, Evelyn Lozada, Kevin Hart, Nia Long, Gabrielle Union, Amber Rose, Martin Lawrence, Rick Ross, Kelly Rowland, and the late, great Joan Rivers, to name a few.

We caught up with Jasmine Brand to learn more about “Brutally Honest with Jasmine Brand” which airs on Fox Soul, a new live and interactive streaming channel dedicated to African American viewers.

L.A. Sentinel: Why did you choose to call your show “Brutally Honest?”

Jasmine Brand:  We named the show “Brutally Honest “because we wanted to have transparent conversations. You know, and a lot of times, with these, sit-down interviews, you know, you don’t really get a chance to get a deeper dive in and have a real conversation. Often times all we hear about are the high points, but often we don’t hear about the struggles a lot. Sometimes they’re low points and some challenges. So we wanted to have a conversation that celebrates the successes and all of the wins, but talks about some of the ugly truths and some of the uncomfortable things that happened in life that happened to all of us.

LAS: Fair enough. Would you say, that as a child you were inquisitive, or were you that nosy kid?

JB: You know, I mean, to would have to ask my mom.  I think that I was talkative. I was definitely talkative. I remember getting in trouble at school for talking too much. I was always outspoken. And, you know, my mom, would say, ‘Okay, enough’ on the talking.

LAS: I think asking questions and being sincerely interested in a person’s answer is part of being a journalist. Me, personally, I’m not nosy. I’m genuinely interested in whatever you need to tell me at the moment that you’re having that experience because I’m always looking for something that connects us more than the things that separate us.

JB: Okay, that’s great, that’s a great way to live. I think. I think, for me, I am. I, when I was younger, I wanted to be a therapist, like a psychiatrist

LAS: That tracks.

JB: So I felt like I was a decent listener. So, I think that is helpful when I’m talking to people and when I’m interviewing them, and also like, in my friendships.

LAS: Listening is an excellent skill to have that’s used in all areas of life. Good on ya, Jasmine Brand.

JB: Thank you.

LAS: What’s your favorite part of creating ‘Brutally Honest’ with Jasmine Brand?

JB: Shaping the show with my business partner who is also the executive producer, is my favorite part of the show.

LAS: A lot of work?

JB: Yes but I appreciate being an entrepreneur, and being in a position where I can employ people.

LAS: Jasmine Brand is a dream maker. I love it.

“Brutally Honest with Jasmine Brand” airs on Mondays at 6 p.m. on Fox Soul.