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Meet Donna Bohana, founder of Solstice International Realty and expert realtor for professional athletes, entertainers and investors.

In honor of Black History Month, it is essential to recognize individuals that have broken barriers and made significant contributions to their fields. Donna Bohana is a standard example in luxury real estate serving as one of the few (if not the only) African American female luxury agents in the Malibu to Newport Beach Hollywood to Westlake Village areas.

Bohana boasts an impressive career spanning over two decades during which she has established herself as an exceptional agent with a client  built on referrals. Bohana is an accomplished alumni of Pepperdine University in Malibu. Her international education at Tasis England has endowed her with the essential skills to interact effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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Bohana’s proficiency in navigating through cultural differences has made her an invaluable asset in her field. She has successfully represented high -profile clients including scientists from biotech giant Amgen, MLB athletes such as Royce Clayton and Coco Crisp, and NBA players such as Chris Bosh for whom she facilitated a record-breaking $9.4 million dollar home sale. Moreover, she secured a lease for Mr. Bosh’s home at an impressive $62K per month.

Bohana has also had the privilege of working with esteemed personalities in the entertainment industry such as mogul Dr. Dre and Damon Dash, as well as award-winning actors and musicians including Donald Glover. Her vast expertise in the real estate industry has enabled her to sell homes to elite clients such as renowned singer Oksana Grigorieva. Bohana’s accolades in real estate are impressive, having set records for the highest sale and rental in the Palisades Highlands as well as being in the top 1% of luxury leasing agents throughout the coastal areas.

The Pacific Palisades home features stunning ocean views. (Courtesy photo)

Her expertise extends beyond residential sales and leases to include restaurant sales and lengthy commercial leases. Her achievements and success have earned her a prominent place in the industry and a role model for women of diversity entering the profession. In 2007, Bohana founded Solstice International Realty, a premiere boutique realty focused on luxurious properties in Los Angeles with an emphasis on Malibu and coastal areas. She has assembled a small team of elite realtors to collaborate with her, who have helped achieve many success stories, covered in reputable publications like the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, The Robb Report and featured on “HGTV House Hunters LA” as the Venice expert.

For all your real estate needs, from rentals to luxury properties, Donna Bohana and her team  at Solstice International Realty are available to serve you with the highest quality of service.

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