Bean poses with fans and readers on the yellow carpet (photo courtesy: Shonassee Shaver)

Kinyah Bean is breaking barriers and making history at just 9-years-old.

Becoming a CEO of your own company and an author is not easily done. However, Kinyah Bean has managed to do both. Bean’s efforts to exceed her goals were celebrated February 24 from 3pm – 6pm at One United Bank on Crenshaw Blvd. in Los Angeles.  Presented by Noah’s Ark Publishing and Black Minds Matter, the event was filled with Black youth who waited to walk and pose on the yellow carpet with the little lady of the hour.

Bean greeted her fans, while presenting her lemonade company, “B Chill Lemonade, LLC” and signing her first published book, “Chillin’ My Way To Success,” a story that follows her life, family, the origin of her business and how her faith has helped her to pursue her dreams.

On her success, “It’s very impeccable! All of these people are supporting me and giving up a lot for me,” said Bean. “I am opening so many doors for myself and my family, and when we move on to the next level, my family will have what they need.” She further stated, “it’s unreal, because you work at this stuff and now you have a chance to be a superstar.”

Kinyah Bean (courtesy photo)

Beam became “the boss” at a young age. Challenged by her father Demetrius Braddock at 6 years-old to start a business by the age of ten, Bean rose to the occasion, becoming an entrepreneur. At eight years-old, she began taking guitar lessons when her mom, Valerie Braddock, reminded her of the family’s tight budget.  Kinyah took it upon herself to earn money to take the lessons by making lemonade with her own special recipe.

What started out as a traditional lemonade stand, turned into a profitable venture to for her. “B Chill Lemonade,” was born with the start of one glass of lemonade last January.

From Flowood, Mississippi and now residing in Memphis, TN, Bean has created four flavors of Lemonade: Blueberry, Strawberry, Lemonade and Peach. Her lemonade is purely original and according to Mrs. Valerie Braddock, it’s a family recipe, that is top secret!

Although she is the CEO of the company, her family is the foundation to “B Chill Lemonade, LLC,” joining forces to make the business a one of a kind brand.

“She has come so far with all she has been able to do within just a year; January 16 she started her lemonade company and followed with the release of her book, ’Chillin’ My Way to Success.’ I couldn’t be more proud; there has been a lot of handwork, sacrifice and dedication. There were times when she wanted to quit, but she realized why she got in it and so she keeps going.  Her motivation come[s] from God. She said that God showed her images of what she needed to do to create the lemonade,” said Mrs. Braddock.

Writing chose her,” Mrs. Braddock explained on how Bean became an author.

Kinyah Bean releases new book “Chillin’ My Way to Success.” (courtesy photo)

“It was never a discussion. We did not talk about it, publisher LaVal Belle of Noah’s Ark Publishing contacted us about an opportunity in Michigan to seal a deal and start a Lemonade company and soon the book was a discussion. A story was formulated and we began to draft ideas and extract as many details as we could, so that the readers would have a holistic view of her journey on how children could make money too.”

On Bean exhibiting Black girl magic, “she is Black girl magic! For her to still be in school, top notch in her grades, travel with her company, continue her faith, active in the community and in her family, write a book and run a company, she is the epitome of Black girl magic.”

Proud father, Demetrius Braddock simply stated, “my daughter is just gifted.”

Bean’s grandmother Marcia “Yaya” Smith was happy to support her granddaughter’s success, stating, “it’s exciting because I get to see her and the business grow.”

Throughout the evening, Bean was interviewed by actors, Brendan Stennis and Kennedy Zimet during a Q&A.

Fans and the community had the opportunity to ask the budding CEO questions about her newfound career.

She gave a wealth of responses to the audience, revealing at such a young age that she takes her position as a CEO and author seriously. Bean told fans that she is happy to live up to something that she always wanted to do. “Everyone is depending on you, so it’s kind of a little pressure and it’s fun as well,” said the 9 year-old.

Bean’s ambition and goals have and continue to be supported by her family. “They support me and love me no matter what I do, and I love them for just that.”

Bean, who looks to top the fortune 500 companies list one day, didn’t shy away from business knowledge 101; telling her peers to get to the top, one must continuously work hard to stay at the top.

Kinyah Bean (courtesy photo)

Being a CEO is not an easy feat, however, Bean manages her education with honor roll grades. “There is never a gap in my education and there should not be, because I have a mom who is a teacher and daddy who is a teacher. I have a tutor and everything that I need,” said Bean.

One of her goals is to inspire others regardless of their age to help make their dreams become a reality.

On being Black girl magic and Black excellence, “I feel so amazing about that, because I’m able to help other men and women to become successful. If I can do anything, you can too. You have to keep working at it, to make it special, so that everyone can see what you have. Follow your dreams and follow your heart,” said Bean.

“I knew God gave me something to do to share with the world!” says Bean.

Purchase “Chillin’ My Way To Success!” at and check out her variety of flavors “B Chill Lemonade” at