The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center, announced the launch of its new program “Careers in Hollywood Series.” Designed to demystify the process of pursuing a career in entertainment as well as to spotlight top executives in entertainment, this new program takes place online at and launches Saturday, May 1, 2021, at 12:00 Noon (PST). Offered free to the public, attendees must register at as space is limited.

The first panel is held in partnership with entertainment giant, Paramount Pictures. Founded in 1916, Paramount remains an American film and television production and distribution company and a subsidiary of ViacomCBS. It is the fifth oldest film studio in the world, the second oldest film studio in the United States, and the sole member of the “Big Five” film studios still located in the city limits of Los Angeles. For this panel, four extraordinary executives have signed on to share their journey, insights, and influences, mentors who helped along the way, discuss their professional fields of expertise and ambitions, their impact on diversity and inclusion both internally and externally, and field questions from the audience. They are:

• Daisy Ozouwain, senior manager Worldwide Distribution Services has been working at Paramount Pictures in Worldwide Distribution Services for over three years. Here, the team manages the dubbing, subtitling, and mastering of all Paramount Theatrical releases TV series, Acquisitions, and Catalog titles. Ozouwain has a bachelor’s degree in American Literature and Civilization from Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot in France. After graduation, Ozouwain focused on a profession with two areas of special interest: television and translation. she started her career at a dubbing company in France, where she worked on TV series from various international networks and Hollywood studios that led her from Boston to New York City and ultimately, Los Angeles.

• Jamal Salmon, senior vice president of Theatrical Marketing Analytics at Paramount Pictures. He and his team are responsible for infusing data into key decisions made across the Marketing department — leveraging the emerging powers of machine learning in support of online/offline media investment, creative direction, publicity, and social media strategy. Before joining Paramount, Jamal gained his understanding of Data Analytics and Entertainment by working in technology at companies like Google and Netflix. He started his career in the sports industry, with internships and entry-level jobs at Bloomberg LP and ESPN. Off the lot, Jamal is a Lecturer at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, where he teaches a graduate course in Entertainment Analytics and a founding member of Syracuse University’s Multicultural Advancement Advisory Council.

• Nellie Tehrani, director of Talent at Paramount Pictures Animation where she oversees all recruitment efforts for the studio’s film productions. With over 20 years spent in the animation industry, Nellie has worked with studios such as Animation Magazine, The Art Institute of California, Technicolor Interactive, and more recently, Psyop Productions where she served as head of production working in short-form animation before joining Paramount.

• Saffronia Threatt, VP of Worldwide Creative Content at Paramount Pictures. Here she develops unique creative ideas to market Paramount’s films across broadcast media partners such as ESPN, NBC, MTV, Food Network, Bravo, and Univision, as well as custom content for its international teams and partners. Saffronia has worked at Paramount for 11 years, having started her career as the assistant to the Chief Marketing Officer. Before working at Paramount, Saffronia was always interested in the entertainment industry and held internships at Vh1 and in production. She studied Communication at Stanford University (B.A.) and Strategic Public Relations at the University of Southern California (M.A.) after growing up in San Diego, CA. She also loves travel, food, fitness, and advocating for social justice.