Benny Pough on the Cover of his Book On Impact



Benny Pough is the notable music industry executive, and author of the upcoming book On Impact:  Life, Leadership and Betting On Yourself.  He is from the prominent business community of White Plains, NY just 30 minutes outside of Manhattan.

Pough grew up in a five-family house with his parents, and his sister.  Their home had no installation, so the winters were cold, and the summers were hot.  “But it was a great upbringing,” said Pough.

His parents were eventually able to purchase the house from the owner.  Pough says it gave his parents a “feeling of freedom.” He remembers enjoying those same emotions when he purchased his own first property.

Real estate would play a significant role in Pough’s many successes.  However, his major achievements would come from his almost thirty-year career in music.

“I mean I always loved music, but the music business was not something I saw in my future.  I actually fell into after doing a stand up [comedy] show in college,” said Pough.

By “fell into,” Pough is speaking of an opportunity presented to him by Dedra Tate, formerly of Motown Records, to become her intern.

Pough says he initially “didn’t even know what an intern was” and that “he didn’t have a resume.”  However, he was confident his experience working various jobs in sales had “prepared him for anything.”

His impressive career now spans from Senior Vice President of Def Jam, Executive Vice President of Epic Records, President of Roc Nation, to CEO at his very own Dverse Media for the past three years.

Dverse Media is a worldwide music distribution company.

Pough says he realized during his career he made a lot of money for corporations working with some of the hottest hit makers in the industry like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Future, DJ Khaled and 21 Savage.

“I wanted to better myself, step out on my own, and do it all,” said Pough.

In addition to his distinguished career in the music industry, Pough continues to improve his status through his real estate proprietorship, public speaking, and authorship.

In 2014, Pough was in a near fatal car accident.  He was the passenger when the vehicle hit a tree at ninety miles per hour.  “I blacked out between one to five minutes, “said Pough. “I fractured my vertebrae, I suffered from a bulging disk in my back, and lacerated my liver which led to me losing half of my blood supply.”  He also says the car hit the tree so hard it separated his small intestines.

From that moment, Pough says God put a book inside of him he would later call, On Impact.  According to Pough, it is an acronym standing for intuition, mastery, pivot, connections, and teamwork.

“This gives the reader some insight on my life from eleven-years-old until now,” said Pough.

“At the end of each chapter is what I call “a hit list” which is the takeaway from each chapter of the book.”

It is Pough’s connection, he says, to everyone on every level.  “I’ve gone from being a paperboy, to the CEO of my own companies.”

Pough says he wants readers of On Impact to take inspiration from his story even in the most terrible times.  “I was someone who nearly died, and it was one of the worst days of my life,” said Pough.  “I was able to pull through it because I took life one day at a time realizing the value of each, and every day.”

On Impact is available now for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and for Canadian readers, Indigo!  For more information on Benny Pough visit his website at