Wendy Gladney (Courtesy Photo)

On Saturday September 4th my husband woke me up with a sweet kiss and congratulated me on being a sexagenarian, I thought that word, which I was not familiar with was his way in our love language of telling me I was sexy. No, that was his way of reminding me I was now 60 years old. Yes, I had reached another magnificent milestone in my life. I was fortunate to celebrate another successful trip around the sun, feeling both humbled and blessed that God had granted me another year of life.  They say we are not just another year older, but another year wiser.  They also say we are not getting older; we are getting better.  I must admit I have gotten wiser and better at understanding and internalizing that tomorrow is not promised and we truly do not know what the day may bring. When I see what is going on in the world today with the situation in Afghanistan, earthquakes in Haiti, Hurricane Ida in the Gulf and the recent deaths of friends and family, I know without a shadow of doubt that with the twinkling of an eye lives can be irrevocably changed.


I mentioned in a previous article how my husband often asks me questions, and sometimes they are questions I may not want to answer. Well, on my birthday he requested some time, and wanted me to answer the following questions that I now want to share with you. Before he asked the questions, he emotionally thanked me for everything I do for him, for me always being there for him and others, and for me making his life so much brighter. God has blessed me with the right partner, lover and husband. He said if life is like a garden, I want you to answer these three questions: First, do you appreciate your flowers (the people and things you love)? Second, what are you doing about the weeds (the things and people who should be removed)? And third, what kind of fertilizer are you using (what are you doing to make improvements)?  Now, after you answer these questions and your head is spinning, welcome to my world. After answering the questions, I realized making my years count should be my focus, instead of just counting my years. I had to get mo’ better.


Getting older is mandatory, but growing up is optional. We all have situations and circumstances that are not always positive or favorable but how we handle them often determines how much growing up we have done, or how much growing up (or maturing) we still have yet to achieve. Opportunities are lessons that we can reflect on and teach us what to do or what not to do. Every experience in our life and every moment in our life is a lesson. In the past year what lessons have you learned? Are you appreciating your flowers, are you eliminating your weeds and are you using the right kind of fertilizer?


Why do we wait to send flowers to our friends and loved ones at their funerals? Give flowers, kisses, acts of kindness, apologies, and the words “I love you” to the people who we appreciate, honor, and cherish while they are still living. Let our intentions to be a blessing to others be fueled by the desire to be thankful, respectful, to make someone happy, put a smile on their face, make their day, and basically to let them know someone cares about them.  After all, as we get older we should get better at serving others.


Healing Without Hate:  It’s a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Pass it on.


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