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It’s time to celebrate Black History Month — which, dear family, for us is 365 days a year. Here are a few great beauty ideas for your 2022 exploration.

And since I never miss an opportunity to share new beauty mavericks here are a few African American-owned beauty brands that you should know.


Karen Stallings of Colour U Cosmetics

Ms. Karen Stallings founded Colour U Cosmetics to make her day-to-night makeup transition seamless. Her passion is to create the type of makeup that’s perfect for a modern woman who is bold, and yet sophisticated.


Makeba Lloyd Guilan of Butter by Keba

Keba Guilan’s Makeba Lloyd Guilan of Butter by Keba’s goal is to bring people together through fragrance. The Harlem-born creator’s premium line of moisturizers and synergistic fragrances is designed to give you smoother skin while uplifting and soothing your mood using the practice and process of aromatherapy and perfumery. https://butterbykeba.com/


Danika Berry of Glam Body

Danika Berry knows a thing or two about skin and to that end she founded Glam Body in 2017, after learning about coffee’s ability to clear acne, smooth skin, eliminate blackheads, cure hyperpigmentation, treat cellulite, and soothe eczema. She’s a skin diva.



Merced S. Boyce of BLAC Minerals

Merced S. Boyce, founder of BLAC minerals, took her longing for inclusive, toxic-free makeup products to the ultimate, where she turned a “wish” into a reality.  Her mission, then and now, is to create a myriad of shade choices for folks that need those options.

Adiya Dixon Wiggins of Yubi

Motherhood created the necessity for Adiya Dixon Wiggins. Yubi found out just how helpful a finger brush could be in saving time in a makeup routine. https://loveyubi.com/


Michael James watched African and African-American men lose hope in the grooming department, searching for products to help fight their dry scalps, unsightly razor bumps, and other challenges.  Inspired by the legacy of his grandfather –– the original Frederick Benjamin –– Michael developed a regimen of products to help every man sculpt his best self, no matter his style. https://iamglambody.com/