Comedian Teddy Ray (Courtesy Photo)

Los Angeles born-and-bred comedian, Teddy Ray (Theadore Brown), was a hilarious and beloved performer who filled many of our homes and hearts with laughter.

Born on July 30, 1990, Ray was a man of many talents. Best known for his work in the comedy sector, with appearances on hit networks such as Comedy Central, BET, and HBO, many may recognize him from his hilarious improv skits, short films, and standup routines.

Teddy Ray came into the entertainment business back in 2011. His first major appearance was on BET’s Comic View.

Teddy Ray with Valentino McCoy (courtesy photo)

As his career excelled, the beloved comedian went on to be featured in multiple standup series, such as HBO’s “All Def Comedy.” Ray then went on to be on MTVs “Wild N’ Out”, where he joined the cast for their eighth season. His most recent appearances were on the HBO Max series “PAUSE with Sam Jay”.

At seventeen, Teddy made his mark into the comedic sector through constant appearances at local comedy scenes around Los Angeles, which he later did while simultaneously playing in Youtube comedy series through All Def Digital and special television appearances.

Tragically, on August 12th, it was announced that the beloved Teddy Ray died at the age of 32 from an apparent drowning incident at his private residence in Rancho Mirage, California. His loss is mourned by the entire comedy community, family, friends, and the world.

Teddy Ray with Kamira White (courtesy photo)

“Teddy was the G.O.A.T,” said comedian and close friend, Kamira White, who discussed her relationship with Teddy being directly from God. “We’d grown up on the same street, but didn’t know each other, so when we ended up getting close, I felt like God was telling me I needed to be his friend.”

“Teddy Ray influenced modern comedy like Biggie Smalls impacted and influenced the rap game,” said comedian Valentino McCoy. “From the first time I saw him on stage, he had a unique special flow and timing we haven’t seen yet. He also had this calmness on stage that some comedians who’ve performed ten years still don’t have. He had the ability to make anything funny.”

(Courtesy Photo)

“…One of the sweetest and realest comedians to represent Los Angeles! He would always have his crowd crying with laughter,” Niele Anderson, Bakewell Media Digital Editor/Media Consultant as well as a close friend to Teddy Ray, shared.

Brent Taylor, Teddy’s blood-cousin, mentioned that “being a big dude from LA, [Teddy] had to carve his own land. When he took off, he really stayed true to himself. He didn’t want to adapt to anyone’s expectations.”

(Courtesy Photo)

Taylor even reminisced on Ray’s style, stating how Teddy was starting to be a bit of a fashion inspiration for bigger men. “[Teddy] always had on t-shirts with some kind of hat, and he taught that you didn’t have to dress up to be in this game. You’re your own character—however you dress, is your look. I eventually started noticing other people look like him, and see other big guys get more confident.”

Every person interviewed described Teddy to be an extremely positive person. Someone who they never saw upset, but always with the grin we’ve seen in so many pictures and videos circulating the media.

“Anyone who’s seen my cousin will tell you, no one’s ever seen him mad,” shared Taylor. “He was never in a bad mood and had every reason to be. But he was never upset with anybody.”

(Courtesy Photo)

“He was so spiritual and so positive,” shared Kamira White. “When Teddy came around, you just instantly felt better. Nothing negative ever came from his mouth. He was a ray of sunshine.”

Entertainment companies, fellow comedians, and some of Ray’s loved ones expressed heartfelt messages of sadness at the news of his death.

“Teddy Ray was a hilarious and beloved performer,” TV network Comedy Central said via Twitter post. “He’ll be deeply missed by the entire comedy community.”

Teddy Ray with cousin, Brent Taylor (courtesy photo)

“This loss had been overly tough for me because I lost my brother—not by blood but sent by God. We literally joked all day every day!” shared Valentino. “I really hate that we will never get to witness his greatness again live.”

Kamira White continued, “we really lost a good one. But I feel better in knowing that God doesn’t take trash. We all loved Teddy, and he loved Teddy and wanted him, too.”

Even in death, Teddy still offers so much life to those around him with his spirit and energy. Beyond comedy, his legacy continues through his impact of others. When asked what they wanted the community to remember about Teddy and his influence, responses included:

5. Ray was a hilarious performer with over ten years of experience in the comedy game (courtesy of Comedy Central/Youtube)

“Love yourself,” said Kamira White. “Teddy was big on this, and he wanted to spread that message to everyone. [Teddy] wasn’t perfect. He was a big guy, but he loved himself…and he was always confident on that stage.”

Valentino McCoy shared, “I would love for people to continue watching his work and see the star and young legend. Not just his family and friends have a loss, but the world has a loss. He was on his way to easily becoming one of the biggest stars amongst current comedy leaders.”

Rest in Paradise to a Legendary Comedian, an Amazing Young Man, and a Loved-One to many. Gone too soon, but never forgotten.

Theadore Brown. Teddy Ray.