From left are Pastor Jeffery Lewis, Bishop Uleses Henderson, L.A. Clippers Account Executive Sky Regan, Superintendent Anthony L. Williams, Senior Pastor of 88th Street Temple COGIC and Minister Robert Sausedo. (Courtesy photo)

On Monday, January 2, over 200 believers including members of 88th Street Temple Church of God In Christ (COGIC) started the new year by participating in a fellowship activity attending the Los Angeles Clippers NBA game. Superintendent Anthony L. Williams, senior pastor of 88th Street Temple COGIC, worked in partnership with LA Clippers Account Executive Sky Regan to create a unique experience for all ages to enjoy.

This is the second year in a row that 88th Street Temple COGIC was selected to be the nonprofit of the night. Those in attendance not only enjoyed the NBA game, but also got to participate in a specially customized post-game experience that included being allowed back into the Arena for prayer, enjoying music of saxophonist Peter Everett, song led by Elder Cecil Thompson, and the opportunity to walk onto the Clippers home court and shoot hoops.

Pastor Williams said, “It is important to bring in the New Year together celebrating faith, family, fun and fellowship. This activity was wonderful for the entire family unit.” He also invited clergy and congregations to participate in the fellowship including Bishop Uleses Henderson, Jr. of Emmanuel Church of God In Christ, Pastor Jeffery Lewis of New Antioch Church of God in Christ, Minister Robert Sausedo of Community Build Inc., Pastor Israel Riley of Christ the Solid Rock LMEC and members of Regenerated Church of God In Christ under the leadership of Pastor Phillip White.

Pastor Lewis said, “It was such a joy to witness the Los Angeles Clippers and others celebrate my brother, Superintendent Anthony Williams, and the 88th Street Temple for their consistent efforts to serve many within our community. Thank God for ministries that are continuing to stand in the gap.”

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Also, 88th Street Temple COGIC member Gladis H. Smith said, “This was a wonderful fellowship activity enjoyed by so many people, including the little babies. I am proud to share that I am 86-years-young, and as a senior, I had a great time being with everyone, starting the New Year together. I had fun!”

Members of 88th Street Temple COGIC shoot baskets during the post-game experience. (Courtesy photo)

Minister Edwin Reese shared, “This event was a big success for all churches participating. It was fun seeing kids and adults on the Clippers home court shooting hoops and enjoying themselves. This was a wonderful blessing.”

Another member expressed, “Thank you to the Los Angeles Clippers organization and Account Executive Sky Regan for working in partnership with 88th Street Temple COGIC. The best part was watching Pastor Williams, Bishop Henderson, Min. Sausedo and Pastor Lewis being introduced during halftime by the Clippers announcer as they waved to everyone within the arena standing on the court! Praise God for the opportunity and for this wonderful fellowship activity!”

Bishop Henderson added, “We had an awesome time tonight. This was an amazing opportunity for us to fellowship as a church family.”