Attorney Tom Mesereau and Attorney Robert Shapiro (Courtesy photos)

Attorneys Tom Mesereau and Robert Shapiro will be the keynote speakers at Yes We Can Worship Center’s (YWCWC) free fundraiser on Saturday, March 4, 2023, at 2 p.m. The fundraiser will be held at YWCWC, 10306 Avalon Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Shapiro is best known as a member of the “Dream Team” of O.J. Simpson’s attorneys that successfully defended him from the charges that he murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman.

Also, making personal appearances are celebrity criminal Attorney Leonard (Lenny) Levine, who has represented billionaire tobacco heiress and philanthropist Doris Duke and Rick James’ cases;  Attorney Humberto Guizar, who went from a gang member to a civil rights lawyer; Attorney Matthew Umhofer and Attorney Elizabeth Mitchell, both known for recently secured a landmark $1 billion preliminary injunction in a case he filed faulting the City and County of Los Angeles for their handling of the homelessness crisis and demanding government action to end homelessness in Los Angeles; a super lawyer in Real Estate Law Attorney Frank Gooch; Attorney Richard Hirsch, a famous retired criminal lawyer who is now a law Professor; Attorney Matthew Close, son of the late Attorney Richard Close, and others.

The Yes We Can Podcast, which focuses on interviewing lawyers and issues which pertain to the homeless with over 3,800 viewers, featured Attorney Humberto Guizar on March 1. Guizar, who went from gang member to a Civil Rights Lawyer, is the only California attorney appointed by the Southern California court as a “gang” expert witness. His firm Guizar,

Henderson & Carrazo has successfully represented victims of police misconduct, excessive force, or brutality.

Pastor Sherman D. Manning, founder of  YWCWC is known for feeding and housing the homeless on Skid Row. Pastor Manning takes pride in supporting the fight against homelessness. He is also in the trenches, conducting street warfare against homelessness daily.

He is the founder and visionary leader of YWCWC and coined the famous phrase “Post-Traumatic STREET Disorder.”  He has consulted with experts across the country in developing a program and a plan that aims to virtually empty Skid Row, the largest gathering of the homeless population in the world. He says we can change the world, starting on Skid Row.

Pastor Manning hosts the largest feeding of hot meals to Los Angeles’ homeless people every Friday night at 7 PM after his sermon which is held at the Yes We Can! Worship Center, 10306 Avalon Blvd, LA 90003. The Center is open Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

This event is FREE for lawyers, law students and Professors (Please email [email protected] to reserve a seat today! Lawyers are asked to bring their checkbooks and/or credit cards to make a tax-deductible donation to

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