Rev. Dr. Ken Walden (Courtesy photo)

Scripture Genesis 3:8-15

The book of Genesis shows us how humanity’s relationship has evolved with God. Genesis 3:11 displays God asking the following question, “Who told you…?” that continues to apply to us today. This scriptural passage illustrates how obedience impacts our life. This scriptural passage also shows how disobedience impacts our life. There are consequences to obeying God. There are also consequences to disobeying God.

Adam and Eve enjoyed a season of constant peace by obeying God. They were able to enjoy the Garden of Eden without interruption. Unfortunately, the enemy wants to disrupt our relationship with God. It is important for us to realize God’s plan for our lives is always better than our own plans. God knows what is best for us.

God’s love for us can be viewed as parental in some ways. Some of you may remember your parents asking you to be home before it gets dark outside. I never felt like returning home before dark, because I wanted to stay out longer to be perceived as BIG rather than small.

As I grew old enough to drive while in grade school, my parents continued to give me a curfew to return home. I did not want to leave the party before it started! My parents’ plans for my life were better for me than my plans.

I learned that BIG does always equate to what is best. God wants what is best for our lives. I have seen too many people walk by what is best for them and fight for what is perceived as BIG only to become miserable. I observed a lot of people ignore what is best for their lives and cling on to what is BIG only to drop it like a hot potato, because they realized it was not really for them.

Lord, help us to not get confused or distracted by what we perceive as BIG. May God help us to appreciate and value what is best in our lives. According to Genesis 3:11, God asked Adam and Eve the following question: “Who told you…?”

Many researchers know it is important to check the source. Is your source more reliable than God? Is your source more trusting than God? I recommend you utilize the three R’s:

Recognize God’s Plan : God’s Plan is constructive rather than destructive. God’s Plan helps rather than hurt. God’s Plan is primarily grounded in love.  Receive God’s Plan: Follow God’s instructions. Reject the Enemy’s Interference: Do not give any time, attention, and energy to the enemy

Sadly, Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Disobedience has consequences. The enemy continues to attempt to disrupt God’s plans for humanity at every level. Who told you that you were not good enough? Who told you that you should disobey God’s instructions? Who told you that other plans for you were better than God’s plans for your life?

Check the source! Is the source more reliable than God?

The Rev. Dr. Ken Walden is the senior pastor of Holman United Methodist Church in Los Angeles. He is the author of three books: “Practical Theology for Church Diversity,” “Challenges Faced by Iraq War Reservists and Their Families” and “A Pastor’s Poetry.”