Larry Buford (Courtesy photo)

Let me explain. Christmas is a time when we scuttle about trying to buy presents for one another. All the thought, energy and scurrying about comes to a crescendo on December 25, which was not the actual date Jesus was born.

It’s similar to the Easter holiday, which was born out of a pagan tradition. But, we should celebrate, acknowledge and declare Jesus’ birth, death, burial and resurrection any day that we can.

These calendared holidays last for a day, then they fade away. What we’re seeing now, during this COVID-19 crisis, is a continued outpouring of love and compassion for our fellow man that we haven’t seen in our lifetime. Yes, it’s horrific on the one hand as many have lost their lives; and who knows, one of us could be next.

On the other hand, the glass is not half empty, but half full. Our omniscient God has allowed us to have a respite from our daily activities, not just for a day, but for an indeterminate season. And what can anyone do about it?

The only thing within our control right now is to follow the instructions we’ve been given – pray, wash our hands, wear a face mask, distance ourselves and stay at home if we’re able to do so.

We have voiced and heard the notion: “I wish Christmas could be every day.” Well, we got our wish. We are now experiencing Christmas every day in our lifetime! Beside the tragic losses and the inconvenience, the interruption of business-as-usual – we are focusing more on God instead of our I-pads and I-phones, etc.

What a good time to pick up the Bible and read the instructions God has given mankind. If you want to know the essence of Jesus and what His mission was, please read John 1. His mission was to reconcile mankind to God.

We are experiencing a miracle – something we thought could never happen just a few months ago. Can you now fathom the fact that God created this world in six days? Can you now understand that (the miracle of) the Red Sea was parted for the children of Israel to walk through on dry ground?

The whole global economy has been shut down; only God could do that – not the heads of state nor our so-called leaders. Look at the magnitude of it all. God is in control.

What we are seeing, what we are experiencing is God’s handiwork. So, when I say this crisis is better than Christmas, this is how God wants us to live daily – being kind, empathetic and loving one another in the agape way.

Isaiah 43:19 says: “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Thank you for the gift, Father God. This crisis is better than Christmas!

Larry Buford is a contributing writer. Author of “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand” and “Book To The Future” (Amazon). Email: [email protected]