David Latham (Wavy News/courtesy photo)

Trial set for police officer who shot mentally ill man  NORFOLK, Va. (AP) _ In the wake of police shootings in North Carolina and Oklahoma, a trial is scheduled in Virginia for a white police officer who shot and killed a mentally ill black man.   Jury selection is set for Monday in the manslaughter case against Norfolk officer Michael Edington. In 2014, he shot David Latham as he held a knife on his mother’s front steps.   Latham’s family told the Virginian-Pilot ( that they called police after Latham grabbed a blade during a fight with his brother. Latham’s family said he wasn’t on his medication.  He still had the knife when officers arrived. Edington shot him several times, including in the back.  Prosecutors have said Latham didn’t move toward Edington. But Edington has said he was protecting himself, fellow officers and Latham’s family.