Wendy Gladney (Courtesy Photo)

This past Saturday, we ushered in a new season.  We said goodbye to Summer and welcomed the freshness of Fall.  Globally, we have experienced so many changes and challenges with the weather that most of us believe there is such a thing as climate change.  The erratic weather pattern makes it impossible to judge the seasons primarily on how hot or cold it is.

I love the various seasons and I look forward to the beginning of each new season and all that it has to offer.  I feel like it gives us an opportunity to start fresh with new beginnings.

Fall, also known as Autumn, usually means cooler temperatures, our days become shorter, and what I love is how the colors change and the leaves on the trees become very beautiful with a range of color hues of yellow, gold, orange, and bronze. Autumn is a time when we have various festivals and celebrations.

Fall is known as a secondary planting season with vegetables such as sprouts, greens, cabbage, and broccoli to name a few.  Autumn is the time that gives us one more chance to get in some last-minute planting before harvest time.

Fall is also the season when we usually prepare our homes before the cold weather hits us.  We weatherproof our homes; we pack away things and organize our garages and put some things in storage.  It is also important to make sure we seal up windows and doors to keep out the cold air that comes with winter.

I have also learned that it is important to get vents and chimney shoots cleared from all the debris of the previous year to keep down possible fires.  When I think about what we must do to protect our homes and land, the question I ask myself is what correlating things we should do in our personal lives to prepare for Fall.

Fall is a good time to do some self-reflection to see what work we need to do in our own lives to prepare for not only the harvest we desire, but also for the rough times that may come with winter. It is a good time to consider what you should clear out to ward off potential fires in your life.

This Fall, what seeds are you planting to receive the crop you desire when it is time for your harvest? When you are doing inventory, think about what you really want and do not forget the spiritual seasons of your life.

Spiritual seasons are just as important. Awakening, Seeker, Devotion, Surrender, Service, Enlightenment, Renewal and Growth, are all various degrees of where we are. Where are you?  Do you even have a spiritual compass that will help you not only in this season, but for your entire life?

Our spirituality and faith are the cornerstone and foundation for our entire lives. It is what will carry us from one season to the next no matter what we may encounter. Our faith is the soil that will make everything we plant grow and thrive.

As the weather grows cooler and the days grow shorter, I plan to take advantage of this season by planting the seeds that will bring me a little closer to my goals on all levels – spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, relationships, and career.

As we do the necessary work for the next season, do not forget to look around and enjoy the beauty this season brings.  Fall will pass quickly and before you know it, we will be planning the holidays associated with Winter. So, let this be a season of gratitude and planting for what is to come next in your life.


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