As the Publisher / Editor of Black Business News Group and the President and CEO of the Black Business Association (BBA), I take the position that “The Wall” the Trump Administration is proposing to build is not the answer to our nation’s immigration problems. Simply put, “THE PROPOSED WALL IS AN ANTIQUATED SYMBOL OF PURE RACISM.”

“Where is the wall that protects Americans from domestic terrorist?

“Where is the wall that protects Americans, African Americans and other minorities from domestic terrorist, white supremacists, white militia groups, and white nationalist groups?” The real wall we need, is the wall to end racial discriminatory ideologies; predatory lending; delivery of tainted water to Americans, especially those in the poor inner cities; unwanted and unsolicited sexual advances between men (and women); and inequality in the justice system. We need a wall to keep our children and loved ones safe from the sexual predators and human traffickers with stiffer and more severe sentencing.

More recently, the President has made good on his threat to shut down the Government over funding for the “Wall.” This has caused over 800,000 federal government employees and contractors not to receive their paychecks, many who statistics show live paycheck-to-paycheck for their basic expenses creating an additional hardship on them. This has sadly only served to create more security problems throughout the nation in addition to alienate and frustrate more and more American citizens who rely on our Government to “serve the needs of ALL of its citizens, in accordance with keeping and upholding the Constitution,” whether we have a wall up or not. Neither the wall nor shutting down the Government accomplishes the core responsibilities and duties of our elected officials; however, they lead many to question the leadership (or lack thereof) of this nation.

Does America’s immigration policies need to be overhauled? Yes.  Is the Wall the answer?  No.  The Wall is no more an answer, than trying to lead and build relationships through intimidation and fear.

As an American citizen and a Vietnam Veteran, I believe and understand the importance of protecting the freedoms of all citizens, and those who desire to become “law-abiding” citizens. However, erecting a border wall along all the Border States in the U.S. is simply not the answer.

If America is ever to be “great” at all, it needs to deal with eradicating all symbols of racism it has all over its landscape, and not erecting more, such as the border wall the current White House Administration wants to build. Not only would funding this wall be a boondoggle, but it will not solve the problems associated with illegal immigration, especially from a humane and socially just standpoint.

The idea of building a border wall is an outdated notion. We see this time and time again in our evolution as a society when an original idea mandates updating either because of advancements in the development of technologies, the economic impact, or societal views and/or legislation has changed.

The musket rifle, used in the American Revolution in the 1700’s, is no longer relevant when fighting against enemies armed with AK-47 assault rifles.

In this day and age, with the advances of technology, our ability to put satellites and men in space, one would think that the current Administration would leverage its influence to involve lawmakers, technology entrepreneurs, the U.S. military and the intelligence community to develop more efficient, cost-effective, and most importantly, more humane ways of dealing with those trying to enter the U.S. legally and illegally.

It is the hope of many Americans, that the President and his Cabinet engage in some genuine soul-searching to come up with other ideas to address the immigration problems.  Many questions beg to be asked.  For instance, what message is “The Wall” sending to those families seeking a better life – that Americans don’t want them?

If America desires to tout and extol the virtues of human and civil rights, can we afford the luxury of contradiction to our citizens and global neighbors?  While it’s important for our nation to be willing to afford opportunities to others seeking either asylum, or just better opportunities for themselves and their families, there is a way to do it…by obeying our nation’s laws, and not breaking them.

It bears repeating that our consciences have been awakened to the ugly truth that the border wall is an “ANTIQUATED SYMBOL OF PURE RACISM”. This “Wall” represents racism in the worst way and does not and will not solve America’s illegal immigration problems.  Instead it will only send the loud resounding message that America is not the ‘land of the free’ and the American dream has limits for poor people of color, which would be the saddest indictment on a nation which takes great pride in boasting that it is the land of opportunity, but for whom?

This President, his administration and the elected Republicans in Washington, D.C, have to do a much better job on behalf of America, American Citizens and the taxpayers, if America is ever to truly become “GREAT AGAIN”. There is no greatness in a border wall that represents an