Former California State Director Heather Hutt (Courtesy Image)

As Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Assembly candidate, Heather Hutt, walked the 54th Assembly District, the Congresswoman, who is never shy, lets everyone they come into contact with know, “It is time to cast your vote for Heather Hutt.”

In a time when recovery from the pandemic is at the forefront of issues facing the 54th Assembly’s residents, and for that matter, all of California, Heather Hutt is the most qualified and most experienced candidate for the assembly seat.

Hutt was born and raised in Los Angeles and has dedicated her life to Democratic activism, public service, and her community.  She is a single mother who raised three young boys in the district and has first-hand knowledge and experience to address the most pressing issues facing the voters today.

Heather recently served as the first Black U.S. Senate State Director in California’s history, and in her capacity serving then, Senator Kamala Harris, she was the principal representative among constituents and elected leaders throughout California. She used her position to stand up for women by bringing together healthcare professionals to discuss implicit bias in health care, especially for women and women of color as well as advocating for DACA recipients and fighting against the Trump Administration’s assault on Dreamers and immigrants.

She has worked hand-in-hand with both labor and business to address the vital resources needed to keep California’s economy moving and championed environmental justice policy changes for Watts and South Los Angeles while serving as the district director for California State Senator Isadore Hall.

She also organized the Assembly Select Committee on Community Resources Impacted by AB109 Re-Entry, as well as the Assembly Select Committee on Human Rights, and Diversity and Race Relations.

Through her work as a California Democratic Party delegate and treasurer of the CDP Black Caucus, Heather has been an activist and organizer, working tirelessly to ensure civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, equality, economic and social justice for all people. In addition, she launched the “VOTE LA“ campaign, the LA Cities Clean Air-Clean Water campaign, and helped critical outreach to take shape, helping pass the “Durbin Bill” which provided aid for small businesses.

Heather also has built a strong and broad coalition of support from women’s organizations throughout the area, many who have advocated that we must elect another woman to fulfill Kamlager-Dove’s seat because of the extreme lack of representation by African American women in the California Legislature (currently there are only two seats held by African American women in the entire state of California).

Congresswoman Maxine Waters in announcing her support for Heather stated:

“I am proud to endorse Heather Hutt for State Assembly. Heather is a mother of three, a lifelong Democrat, and a leader who has worked in both the state and federal government and delivered for working families, women, young people and seniors. I know that Heather is the best choice for State Assembly, and that she will be a fighter on a range of issues, from criminal justice reform to addressing homelessness, combatting climate change, making healthcare a right and rebuilding our economy.  I urge the voters of the 54th District to join me in supporting Heather Hutt for State Assembly.”

The time has come to cast your vote for Heather Hutt for the 54th California Assembly.